Loyalty, Loyaty, Loyalty


Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty

This story touched my heart because loyalty is one of the pillars in Gye-Nyame Journey. This seems to be a dying thing  in these modern days and times. Sometimes I feel that everyone is for sale. But this story gives me hope. I know that it is about a little dog but to know that even back in the days of Aesop they had some of the same issues gives me hope. 

For those of us seeking freedom and justice, loyalty can go a long way, and it is a practice we need. As the documents flowed out about all the leaders that were assassinated and imprisoned during our freedom struggle. We come to find out that every last one of them had traitors in their midst. It is kind of scary when you look at what people actually received for betraying our people. You would think that they would receive the world but just like judas they received a bag of minor currency.

Loyalty is a valuable trait and if you can find the right person or tribe to practice it with you will truly be blessed. I don’t mean in just the after life either. Loyalty is something that when it is placed with the right group or person will help you live a long, healthy, and even a prosperous life.

“A thief came in the night to break into a house. He brought with him several slices of meat in order to pacify the Housedog, so that he would not alarm his master by barking. As the Thief threw him the pieces of meat, the Dog said, “If you think to stop my mouth, you will be greatly mistaken. This sudden kindness at your hands will only make me more watchful, lest under these unexpected favors to myself, you have some private ends to accomplish for your own benefit, and for my master’s injury.”

Do you have loyal people around you, are you loyal? These are some of the questions that we really need to ponder in this lesson. Just being around a group or person does not mean that you are loyal, nor does it mean that they are loyal to you. Life will help you identify the loyal ones. The test often comes in the form of a trial, hard times, death etc.. in these hard moments who is around. Who can you wake up at 3 in the morning and call for help, and have no doubt that they will be there. Most people must understand that loyalty is not measured by a work clock, when it is needed it is on duty. Unfortunately many of us have never experienced true loyalty from our so called friends, or even the business that we work for. Unfortunately many of us are in relationships that don't practice the 3R’s with us.

For those new to GNJMedia the 3R’s are what every good relationship should be built on. Respect, Responsibility, and  Reciprocity. If you have relationships and these 3R’s are not present then you can be “for damned sure” that loyalty is not. Keep your circle tight especially if you are trying to change your life. It is better to be by yourself, than to be surrounded with people that will sale you down the river.

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