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Ujamaa Of Rites Of Passage 2

  Great Nia I am trying to adjust to my new schedule, and on some parts of it I am victorious but on other parts….. My goal was to switch the time of my show, and do it in the evening so that I could have more time in the morning, but now I am tired and dragging throughout the day. I also wanted to spend time doing Folktales & Proverbs on the Wisdom platform, but that is not working. I also am trying to get familiar with some new software that will help with my blog, it works well but I lost a whole article and had to rebuild it. Thank goodness I backup all my stuff on Gdoc. By the way the tobacco beast has taken a bite and is holding on, so that is also complicating the whole thing. So that is enough of my woes, now it is time to take another dive into the culture. I hope that you are getting some value and inspiration from these discussions. Remember we are not just talking about these things to just talk, we are having these discussions to make changes first with ourselves, and

Daily Toast- Ujamaa 420171 "Shame Is Robbing Us Blind" aka "There is nothing wrong with being a non-immigrant"

Peace FAM: "Shame on you", what powerful words, these words can stop some of us in our tracks. We will hear them and start mentally reviewing our actions. Stopping all forward progress until we are able to identify the actions that may be bringing the feelings that go along with these words. Shame can drain an individual, of energy, but what can it do to a people. The feeling of shame blankets us, we feel that it is some shame in being taken advantage off, being robbed, rapped, pillaged, enslaved, and etc.. We as a group may be identifying the wrong emotion that shame comes under. Many of us would place shame under the feeling of mad, but then you must ask the next question, If you are mad then who are you mad with, and for many of us the answer will ourselves. Which is a trap, that will send you us into an endless maze. This is exactly what we have done as a group with our shame, we misdiagnose and wonder why we can't heal. We need to stop, take a breath and get honest

Daily Toast- Ujamaa 413171 (5-6-7 a new way of seeing the world)

Peace FAM: It is time for us to begin looking at the world with new eyes. Understanding GNJ's 567 system and applying it to your life will change the world for you. We are suffering because we have been miseducated about ourselves. We are taught about all the limits, and thrust into a world not of our or our ancestors making. As African people we have existed on the periphery of this world long enough, and it is time for us to grab the cover of our culture. Culture is the soul of a people, and a people without soul are zombies. Walking the earth soulless doing the bidding of their masters. The recent addition of zombies eating brains, and as brainless consumers is recent to the zombie lore. The original concept of a zombie was someone that was put up under a curse and was forced to serve. Although the brainless consumer was a great addition. We are caught in the zombie zone, serving others with no benefit to ourselves, but it is now time for us to change this paradigm. Today is t

Daily Toast- Ujamaa 38171 (You Inc.)

Peace Fam: Taking my time to review the proverb of the week , and attemping to connect it with the principle of the day. "Right practice is true knowing", in this practice is the key. The question I want my family to focus on is what are you practicing daily. We have to begin to look at ourselves as vaulable businesses, that have a story to tell. Many of us our not active in building our brand because deep down inside we may feel that we are not worthy. Wake up and face the fact that many of your struggles were not given to you for just you, but to teach others. Get up and begin to share your most powerful resource beside your time, yourself and your story.  Let's bring to practice living, and sharing our life lessons. We have been born in a time where we can leave tons, of information for our children and for those in need. Stop wasting your time and your storage space on looking for the next fight, and point the camera at your life and begin to record history in the

Daily Toast- Ujamaa 32171 (Stop wasting resources)

Great Ujamaa: We will begin moving into a new phase of the #nguzosabachallenge, I will begin to focus more on some resources that I have been wasting when it comes to doing these videos. I have been jumping right over the proverbs and folktales that I podcast about weekly rather than using their wisdom to help with these daily post. I am guilty of wasting two powerful and overlooked resources in the universe. The first and most important resource that we all have access to is time. By me not helping you as well as my self focus on the words of our ancestors during our morning toast I have been wasting your time. I would do FFGF on Kujichagulia, and then Tribal Quotes on Ujima, and then jump into a discussion of the principles the following morning and rarely pull on the wisdom that came during the shows. This from my view is a terrible waste of time. Rather than helping you get a deeper understanding of the principle through the wisdom of the ancestors, I would randomly discuss issues

DailyToast- Ujamaa 223171 (This $#!+ IS HARD)

I have set a difficult challenge for myself. I plan to create at least 1 video a day. I was doing great till early this morning when I fell asleep during my workout. I have it on video and it is hilarious, but it demonstrates that this shit is hard. Setting up the shot, testing new angles, creating new intros, writing for each show, remembering what I say to put in to the description, creating post for my site, podcasting twice a week, and etc.. Please take notice that this issue lines up with the principle of the day. I have to more effectively use my personal resources to make this new addition to my lifestyle work. Just as many of you who have made changes in your life have to also do. The idea about taking a challenge is that you will receive push back, you will find wholes in your game, and weaknesses will be exposed, but it is all toward your greatness. Don't be ashamed, take your feedback and use it in your continuing efforts to build. Back to the video: the two resources