Thursday, April 20, 2017

Daily Toast- Ujamaa 420171 "Shame Is Robbing Us Blind" aka "There is nothing wrong with being a non-immigrant"

Peace FAM:
"Shame on you", what powerful words, these words can stop some of us in our tracks. We will hear them and start mentally reviewing our actions. Stopping all forward progress until we are able to identify the actions that may be bringing the feelings that go along with these words. Shame can drain an individual, of energy, but what can it do to a people. The feeling of shame blankets us, we feel that it is some shame in being taken advantage off, being robbed, rapped, pillaged, enslaved, and etc.. We as a group may be identifying the wrong emotion that shame comes under. Many of us would place shame under the feeling of mad, but then you must ask the next question, If you are mad then who are you mad with, and for many of us the answer will ourselves. Which is a trap, that will send you us into an endless maze.
This is exactly what we have done as a group with our shame, we misdiagnose and wonder why we can't heal. We need to stop, take a breath and get honest with ourselves. Being mad is a cover that Shields us from the fact that we are scared, as well as sad. We don't want to admit this because it sounds weak, but it is what it is. Once we deal with the fact that we need to support one another, we need our own space,we need time to grieve, we need to let go, we need protection, and reassurance we can move into our true destiny.
I'm done writing now let's get to talking, checkout the video, and also join the Nguzo Saba Challenge.
Peace, Power, Joy and 1hunidyears

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