DailyToast- Ujamaa 223171 (This $#!+ IS HARD)

I have set a difficult challenge for myself. I plan to create at least 1 video a day. I was doing great till early this morning when I fell asleep during my workout. I have it on video and it is hilarious, but it demonstrates that this shit is hard. Setting up the shot, testing new angles, creating new intros, writing for each show, remembering what I say to put in to the description, creating post for my site, podcasting twice a week, and etc.. Please take notice that this issue lines up with the principle of the day. I have to more effectively use my personal resources to make this new addition to my lifestyle work. Just as many of you who have made changes in your life have to also do. The idea about taking a challenge is that you will receive push back, you will find wholes in your game, and weaknesses will be exposed, but it is all toward your greatness. Don't be ashamed, take your feedback and use it in your continuing efforts to build.
Back to the video: the two resources that I discuss in this video, that I beleive we are not focused enough on building are the body and the mind. These are two resources that we definately need to master and apply to building up our personal and community economy. Watch and let me know what you think.


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