Thursday, March 2, 2017

Daily Toast- Ujamaa 32171 (Stop wasting resources)

Great Ujamaa:
We will begin moving into a new phase of the #nguzosabachallenge, I will begin to focus more on some resources that I have been wasting when it comes to doing these videos. I have been jumping right over the proverbs and folktales that I podcast about weekly rather than using their wisdom to help with these daily post. I am guilty of wasting two powerful and overlooked resources in the universe. The first and most important resource that we all have access to is time. By me not helping you as well as my self focus on the words of our ancestors during our morning toast I have been wasting your time. I would do FFGF on Kujichagulia, and then Tribal Quotes on Ujima, and then jump into a discussion of the principles the following morning and rarely pull on the wisdom that came during the shows. This from my view is a terrible waste of time. Rather than helping you get a deeper understanding of the principle through the wisdom of the ancestors, I would randomly discuss issues, robbing you of an opportunity to go deeper with concepts that could help you more rapidly change your life. For this I apologize. From here on out I will be picking a single proverb or folktale to use during the week to demonstrate how the teachings of our Ancestors line up with the Principles as well as with life.
The second resource have I have been squandering into the discussion above, and it is the wisdom of our ancestors. transmitted to us through proverbs, quotes, and stories. I will not be guilty of this again. From this day forth I will be picking a single quote, proverb or story to focus our daily toast through. This week the proverb is "Say the knowledge holders, true home is the place which the sun breaks."
During the video I discuss 3 wasted resources that you can start pulling on to improve your life. the first one is of course time. Freedom, prosperity, joy, relationships, and health all require time. So if we are going to be serious about building we have to begin to become more economic with our resources.
The second resource that we are allowing to waste is our relationship with Mystery. Many of us are restless in life because we believe that everything needs answers, when the fact is that they don't. It is the mystery that gives our beautiful universe it's power. Now I'm not saying just be satisfied and lay around and be joyfully ignorant. Explore the mysteries for yourself embrace them and allow your being to dwell on these. It was once said that "when you peer into the abyss, the abyss peers into you". peer into to these mysteries and allow yourself to be caught in the magic of the moment. from these moments will come periods of peace and power that you can use in your life.
The last resource that we allow to go unused is the wisdom of our elders. Many of us have Elders in our life that have knowledge and wisdom that we can use to overcome obstacles. For Elders, our future is their past and they can give us short cuts or insights that are powerful.
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Nuff said
Peace and 1hunidyears..

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