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The Power Of Bitter

Peace FAM: The bitter parts of life help build us up, and prepare our body and mind for the goodness that eventually will come. We have been trained to avoid the bitter. We are told not to complain, and to grin and bare it, we must monitor what we say and how we say it to make sure we don't spit out bitter words. We are surrounded by food that are packed with sugar and if we go to any grocery store we will be hard pressed to find something bitter. We have advanced humanity to a point where we can possible go a life time and never experience bitter word, or bitter food. We have reached the pinnacle of civilization, for now we can shelter the members from all the bitter that life has to offer. This process is complete but we have lost a lot in this trade, and many may want to go back and make some adjustments in our lives. Bitter helps us grow, and it strengthens us. It helps get our creativity unstuck, just like physical bitters jump starts our immune system, and stimulate digest

Gut Health Is The Key To A Long & Healthy Life- Did I Mention Sex

Peace FAM: Today we toasted up Ujamaa, and looked at another wasted resource in our community. Unlike the other resources I have talked about, this resource is heavily under research. The resource that I am speaking of today is the gut. We have neglected and it has come back to haunt us. It was said by Hippocrates (who was a student of the KMT mystery system) "that all disease begins in the gut", and finally science is catching up with the sages of old. Just in the little time that we have been talking about the gut, we have run into at least 15 common ailments that can be traced back to our microbiome. We have been taught to break our body down into parts, and these parts work together in groups, and these groups work together to form a whole, but modern science and ancient wisdom is shutting that illusion down. The human body has it's own ecology, and this ecology works together to form us. When our ecology falls out of balance then the whole system is out of wack. W

Culture & Food- Daily Toast Kuumba 63171

My FAM: I appreciate your eyes & the time you spend reading my post. It is amazing that through your dedication and inspiration I have been able to post daily. I thank you a thousand times and pray and toast that our ancestors will push you on your chosen path to success. Yesterday we had an opportunity to discuss the connection between food and Culture. We were introduced to a field that was created to explore this relationship and with that information I believe help in further conquest of other's Culture. We explored the difference between one feeding and one eating, and I ask the question which one are you involved with. Because one is directly linked to culture and the other is just about getting energy to work. Our relationship with food defines us as well as our connection with our ancestors and have direct effects on our health. So take some time and and view this long video ( I promise I am trying to reduce the amount of time I spend on the video but sometimes m

GNJ presents "That Ambrosia"

"That Ambrosia" is a brain child that I have been working on for the last 2 years. I started by experimenting with fermenting honey to make mead. I love mead but it would take long periods of time to get a product worth sharing, plus I wanted something with a few more benefits. I knew at the time that I did not want to use sugar in any of my drinks and that was about the time that  I stumbled on the health benefits of raw honey. Honey had been used for thousands of years and many properties of honey were recognized by ancient healers like: Honey is antibacterial, and antifungal It helps in healing and cleaning out wounds Helps with digestion soothes sore throats and finally it is filled with phytonutrients  (which is a substance believed to be beneficial in the fight against certain diseases) Honey is powerful but the most powerful thing that I discovered and fell in love with was the fermentation process. The fermentation process in my opinion is true alchemy. This i

Final Goodbye II- Running from grief

Today Pepa died/ Should I be happy for him/ or sad for my lost?/ Thursday morning June 28, 2012 9:08am: Sitting at my desk preparing for the day. It is going to be busy with all of the Yoking classes I have this afternoon so I decided to get busy on this back log of paperwork sitting on my desk. While sitting there I decided to complete my podcast of the "6th tool". Phone rings, and I look at caller ID, and feeling of dread hits me. It is my mother calling, and I'm hoping that she does not have bad news to report about my grandfather: ha2tim: "What's up? Mother: "where you at?" ha2tim: " I'm at the office, why what's up?" Mother: Well I was looking for your wife, I called and she didn't pickup." ha2tim:" Well you know she never answer the phone." We laugh.... Mother: " Well I wanted to go by and pickup Gina (my youngest daughter), cause you know she tickles daddy." I get qui