Culture & Food- Daily Toast Kuumba 63171

I appreciate your eyes & the time you spend reading my post. It is amazing that through your dedication and inspiration I have been able to post daily. I thank you a thousand times and pray and toast that our ancestors will push you on your chosen path to success.
Yesterday we had an opportunity to discuss the connection between food and Culture. We were introduced to a field that was created to explore this relationship and with that information I believe help in further conquest of other's Culture.
We explored the difference between one feeding and one eating, and I ask the question which one are you involved with. Because one is directly linked to culture and the other is just about getting energy to work.
Our relationship with food defines us as well as our connection with our ancestors and have direct effects on our health. So take some time and and view this long video ( I promise I am trying to reduce the amount of time I spend on the video but sometimes my passion gets the better of me), so if you like a little passion with your information please Like, Subscribe, and most importantly Share. Remember to also checkout the 21 Day Nguzo Saba Challenge.


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