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The Micro Biome and Other Thangs

 Listen in to this show as we look at the microbiome, proper breathing, and take a deep dive into Gye-Nyame Journey culture. We are building over here, and you are welcome to join us. If you like this information be sure to sign up for our Free Ecourse , to get more engaging content. We are building a better world one Tribe member at a time. Listen to "Old Man Rant - Microbiome and other Thangs" on Spreaker.

Gut Health & Disease

  Gut health & disease Introduction We’ve recently begun to understand the importance of our bodies’ microbiomes. Microbiomes are populations of microbes—tiny microorganisms like bacteria and fungi—that live in and on our bodies. We have microbiomes in our mouths, on our skin, and of course, in our guts. Gut health and mental health You are not only what you eat, but also how it affects your gut. The gut is connected to the brain, and vice versa. This means that any problems in the digestive system can result in symptoms similar to those of neurological disorders like autism or schizophrenia. There are many different parts of the brain involved with digestion including: The Hypothalamus-Pituitary Axis (HPA) axis runs from your hypothalamus down to your pituitary gland which then releases hormones that signal other organs (like your adrenal glands) The Sympathetic Nervous System is responsible for controlling bodily functions such as heart rate and sweating when we're stressed o

Microbiome & Mental Health

  Microbiome & Mental Health Introduction There is no doubt that the Microbiome plays a key role in your physical health. But did you know it can even affect your mental health? While there are still many aspects of the Microbiome that are not understood, we do know that the gut bacteria influence multiple aspects of our mental health, including mood and anxiety. There are several ways to modify your Microbiome, such as eating probiotics and prebiotics, which can positively impact your mood. What is the Microbiome? You may have heard of the microbiome, but you probably don't know what it is. The microbiome is the collection of microorganisms that live in your body and the collective genome of all those microorganisms. Microbes are everywhere — on your skin, in your nose and mouth, inside your gut — even in places we haven't looked yet like the mouth or vagina! They're even on other surfaces like shoes or countertops! There are so many tiny living creatures that they out

The Microbiom & Mental Health

Peace FAM: I am playing catch up but it is cool. I have a couple of moments before I see the doctor so I decided to pen this article. On this video part one and two I get into the little information I have been to gather on this thing called the microbiom. I at first thought that it was about the gut, but the microbiom covers the entire body and can even influence behaviors. This organ or system in our body is estimated to have 100 trillion cells all working with in our bodies. These cells work according to what we put inside of our body by way of eating and drinking. They effect our thinking by releasing neurochemicals that affect the mood, as well as make shifts in our personality. There have been studied that connect some mental illnesses to the second brain which is another name for the microbiom. I had to do this article so that we could look at the information and decide for ourselves if this is legit. They are still researching the microbiom and it is a relatively young fi

Microbiom Part 2 - Daily Toast Nia 616171

Peace FAM: We are at it again talking about that gut health and secret power of your microbiome. Today we focus on the part of the microbiome in the lungs. The microbiome covers basically all of your internal organs. The body is far from the sterile monolith that we have been taught about. These microorganism inhabit and assist you in every step of your life. We need to learn how to take care of them so that we can have a great life. These organism help you break down and get all the nutrients that you need from your food. Family by us learning to work with the system we have been gifted with we can overcome and conquer all ailments. This little bit of information can be life changing if we start to use it. Every article that I read suggest that you begin adding probiotics to your diet. Probiotics add healthy and helpful microorganisms. Of course you know by now that GNJ has developed a product that can help with this process. The original reason that I started brewing "That A

Gut Health Is The Key To A Long & Healthy Life- Did I Mention Sex

Peace FAM: Today we toasted up Ujamaa, and looked at another wasted resource in our community. Unlike the other resources I have talked about, this resource is heavily under research. The resource that I am speaking of today is the gut. We have neglected and it has come back to haunt us. It was said by Hippocrates (who was a student of the KMT mystery system) "that all disease begins in the gut", and finally science is catching up with the sages of old. Just in the little time that we have been talking about the gut, we have run into at least 15 common ailments that can be traced back to our microbiome. We have been taught to break our body down into parts, and these parts work together in groups, and these groups work together to form a whole, but modern science and ancient wisdom is shutting that illusion down. The human body has it's own ecology, and this ecology works together to form us. When our ecology falls out of balance then the whole system is out of wack. W