The Microbiom & Mental Health

Peace FAM:
I am playing catch up but it is cool. I have a couple of moments before I see the doctor so I decided to pen this article.
On this video part one and two I get into the little information I have been to gather on this thing called the microbiom. I at first thought that it was about the gut, but the microbiom covers the entire body and can even influence behaviors. This organ or system in our body is estimated to have 100 trillion cells all working with in our bodies. These cells work according to what we put inside of our body by way of eating and drinking. They effect our thinking by releasing neurochemicals that affect the mood, as well as make shifts in our personality. There have been studied that connect some mental illnesses to the second brain which is another name for the microbiom.
I had to do this article so that we could look at the information and decide for ourselves if this is legit. They are still researching the microbiom and it is a relatively young field. So listen in and let me know what you think.
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