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Monday, January 6, 2014

#giveyourselfpermission - To Be Free

#giveyourselfpermission to be free. Release all those things that have held you down. We are moving into a new time and place and by allowing ourselves to be stuck we risk being left behind. Free yourself from the prison of your own creation, and move past your self imposed limitations. Began to release the true you that has been kept under raps, because of your insecurity. Stop trying to fit in at the expense of your soul.
Freedom is not free and never has been. The cost is you facing the consequences of your choices. Freedom requires us to look reality straight in the face, and live what we see. This can cause pain especially if you have been avoiding this for your entire life. Freedom requires new eyes that are not scared to look into the pit of our own soul and rescue those dreams that we banished there. Many of us are like people who are on a sinking ship who refuse to let go of the rail to be pulled on the rescue raft. Don't get it confused we cannot not have it both ways. We can not expect the best from life if we are giving a small piece of ourselves. Invest in you, and your skills.
Withdraw your attention from those things that are stealing your axe' and focus on you. This may mean that you may lose some friends, leave a relationship, quit your job, or etc., but it will be you investing in the true You and not the you that the world expects. I am not writing this to help you become prosperous, or successful. I am writing this to help free you, and unleash the power within. Realize, by you staying stuck you prevent many in your circle from moving forward as well. Ultimately we all are connected and the small imperceptible ripple that your change will make will touch an infinite amount of souls. I know this is a big responsibility but that is part of the price of freedom.
When we begin the Journey to freedom we first must start with ourselves. This means that we may change some of the things that we do,  places that we go, and people that we deal with. We call this changing the Nouns in our existence.
This change echoes out into our family, tribe, community, city, and etc.. Some of the changes may be:
Learning to meditate and pray
changing the diet
changing where and how you shop
developing a personal fitness plan
start a journal or diary
reading material that help move you to where you are trying to go
changing how you use the TV, radio, and social media
developing new relationships with  new people
These are just a few, but it is a start. What you will  begin to notice is that the more work you do the more it seems that the Universe will conspire to move new and better things into your life. What will start off as hard like everything else in life eventually will be transformed into a habit and become second nature. You do not have to dive in just make small changes and watch how everything will begin to line up.
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peace & 1hunid years

Friday, June 22, 2012

I am a Hip-Hop Philospha

I am  a Hip-Hop Philosopha and Spiritualist this means that I have a unique way of seeing the world, and the way it runs. I have the pleasure of being part of a culture that does not mind borrowing. In Hip-Hop we have always borrowed the best and created something greater. You can see it in the fashion world, in art, dance, and music just to name a few areas of life where this culture as been a big influence. Growing up in this culture and developing the mindstate that goes with it, has opened many doors for me, and has created what you are reading today.
In philosophy, and spirituality I have only done what my culture has guided me to do. Just like the DJ who would mix the old with the older and create something new, I did the same. When I developed Gye-Nyame and all of the other organizations before that I was motivated and inspired by the vibe of creating something useful from old ignored elements, and changing the world. Like that DJ I was able to look at the gospel differently than anyone else, with new eyes that was open by my exposure to Hip-Hop. It also gave me the courage to ask those uncomfortable questions of my self as well. Like the graffiti artist I was able to see the beauty in the wall of Islam, like the rapper I was able to cleverly discuss the Buddha, and like the b-boy I was able to move into the older traditional spiritual dances of the (African, Native American, and Indian). From this perspective and view of the world I was able to allow the art to flow through me and create who I am and leave a framework for others to build.
I have to agree with KRS-1 I am Hip-Hop and Hip-Hop is me and it cant help but be expressed through me not in rhyme, or paint, or mixer, or dance. It flows through my soul and express itself through philosophy and my spirituality. so this is what is meant when I say i am a Hip-Hop Philospha.
check out the Podcast by the same name.
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Monday, June 11, 2012

Why Meditate?

I breath in and out/
slowly and with a rhythm/
mind begins to clear/

Meditation is a process of learning to measure our thoughts. In measuring them and observing them we learn how to quite or mind so that we can find peace. According to the lessons in Gye-Nyame when we are asked "what is peace?" The proper response is Harmony and Order. So by practicing meditation those on the Journey bring Harmony and Order into:
1. Into there inner world
2. Into their day life
Being on the Journey regardless of what system you follow requires you to be able to draw on a source of power beyond your physical being, and meditation helps with this. It helps align you with the "True Self". According to the SelfMastery system that we use in Gye-Nyame the Self is defined as: " the absolute, complete, perfect qualities of being that is not influenced by external circumstances" meditation is a major way to commune with this part of our being. When we cultivate peace within ourselves this opens the door for communication the deepest part of our being.
Now meditation does not have to take place just sitting still. Any activatie can be turned into a meditative situation. A prime example I have found in my life of this is the practice of martial arts (capoeira or akido), running, writing (for me poetry, haiku, as well as blogging). These activities are all practices in which I have to settle down and get in contact with that deepest part of my being and get it done.
Now take a moment in your life and identify the practices in your life that you have that can be transformed into meditative moments.
I don't want to take away from sitting meditation because that is important as well. Todays world robs us of time and I have found other ways to increase my contact with my True Self, and I woukd suggest the same for you. Meditation is good for your total health and is a simple tool that can be used on your Journey to assist you in getting the fullness out of this life experience. Meditation helps you become more conscious of the world you live as well as the world that lives in you. So use it, and if you need help checkout my "Sacred Space" meditation on my spreaker radio show and the meditations that will follow. If you want to support the Gye-Nyame Journey you can purchse my "Meditation by the #'s " MP3 availible on or purchase the "Player's Pyramid" which have a meditation described in its pages.
*I need to mention that you can receive the "Player's Pyramid" free as a PDF if you sign up and make a comment on the blog.
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