#giveyourselfpermission - To Be Free

#giveyourselfpermission to be free. Release all those things that have held you down. We are moving into a new time and place and by allowing ourselves to be stuck we risk being left behind. Free yourself from the prison of your own creation, and move past your self imposed limitations. Began to release the true you that has been kept under raps, because of your insecurity. Stop trying to fit in at the expense of your soul.
Freedom is not free and never has been. The cost is you facing the consequences of your choices. Freedom requires us to look reality straight in the face, and live what we see. This can cause pain especially if you have been avoiding this for your entire life. Freedom requires new eyes that are not scared to look into the pit of our own soul and rescue those dreams that we banished there. Many of us are like people who are on a sinking ship who refuse to let go of the rail to be pulled on the rescue raft. Don't get it confused we cannot not have it both ways. We can not expect the best from life if we are giving a small piece of ourselves. Invest in you, and your skills.
Withdraw your attention from those things that are stealing your axe' and focus on you. This may mean that you may lose some friends, leave a relationship, quit your job, or etc., but it will be you investing in the true You and not the you that the world expects. I am not writing this to help you become prosperous, or successful. I am writing this to help free you, and unleash the power within. Realize, by you staying stuck you prevent many in your circle from moving forward as well. Ultimately we all are connected and the small imperceptible ripple that your change will make will touch an infinite amount of souls. I know this is a big responsibility but that is part of the price of freedom.
When we begin the Journey to freedom we first must start with ourselves. This means that we may change some of the things that we do,  places that we go, and people that we deal with. We call this changing the Nouns in our existence.
This change echoes out into our family, tribe, community, city, and etc.. Some of the changes may be:
Learning to meditate and pray
changing the diet
changing where and how you shop
developing a personal fitness plan
start a journal or diary
reading material that help move you to where you are trying to go
changing how you use the TV, radio, and social media
developing new relationships with  new people
These are just a few, but it is a start. What you will  begin to notice is that the more work you do the more it seems that the Universe will conspire to move new and better things into your life. What will start off as hard like everything else in life eventually will be transformed into a habit and become second nature. You do not have to dive in just make small changes and watch how everything will begin to line up.
nuff said
peace & 1hunid years


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