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Whole Grain As A Metaphor- Daily Toast Umoja 65171

Peace FAM: Great Umoja, and I wish you Peace, Power, Joy, and of course 1hunidyears. We start this week with some powerful momentum being provided by you, the readers. Many of you have taken the time to click and sign up for our mailing list and have also taken the 21 Day Nguzo Saba Challenge. I am looking forward to your comments, and critique of the process so that we can make it better. The only way this tribe is going to grow and move into prosperity is with your input, and many of you are providing just that, and once a gain I thank you. it has been a long and arduous journey for me as a blogger, podcaster, and vlogger. I have sat on the side lines learning to use these platforms, and finally I am getting the hang of it. Keep on  doing what you are doing , and let's build a culture that will out live us, and provide a viable future for our children here now, and yet to come. Family I lift my glass to you on this Daily Toast. I pray that our ancestors move in your life and h

Django - Controversy

Here is a response to an article that I read about Spike Lee and the Movie "Django Unchained" The article can be found: Morris W. O'Kelly This was my first time writting a response on Huffington Post and I was not aware of a word limit, so I figured hey this is a post on my blog. Check it out but first check out the excellent article by Mr. O'Kelly I was not  aware of all the controversy that surrounded Django, and Spike Lee. I am glad I did not hear about it until after I seen the movie. I do agree with  with Mr. O'Kelly about Spike's commitment to our community, that I feel can not be questioned. All anyone has to do is look at Mr. Lee's track record and see the love affair he has with Black people and our history. By understanding his love affair it makes it easier for others to understand his anger when it comes to Tarantino and his film making. I have seen many of Tarantino's films, and often wondered why he felt it so necessary to riddl

Late Night Hookah

First, before I get into my post, I want to send shots out to my youngest daughter who made it to the world on December 27 2012 at exactly 6:14... so from this day she will be Known as Ms.614.. I don't believe in coincidence so ms.614 or Sasha confirms that I am where I supposed to be and doing what I am doing. Some may wonder why I promote using the Internet to it's fullest.  I suggest that everyone gets a blog, twitter, face book, spreaker, g+ and what ever us is out there. "My reasons are personal" (in my Vito Corleone voice)... Legacy ladies and gents. We are living in the most dynamic time in human history, and each of us have the ability to through our voice, writing, ideas, and etc. out into the world. We have been taught to stay quiet, and not share what's on our mind, but I am saying stop hiding your light. Shine for the world, for you may project the beam that may free someone. Stop worrying about those who don't agree with you or that you may not