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No Halfway Dreams

  No Halfway Dreams Introduction The mind is the key to success. You can be the strongest person in the world, but if you don't believe in yourself, your dreams will stay just that—dreams. I've been through many battles with my mind and body, but now I'm coming out on top because I know when to give up and when not too. In this article, we'll go over tips for staying motivated and achieving your goals through hard work and faith! The Mind is the Key The mind is the key to success. The mind is what keeps you going, day in and day out. The mind is what keeps your motivation alive when things are tough. And the mind is what will get you through those tough times, no matter how tired or depressed you may be feeling! Putting in the work What separates the great from the good? The difference between a half-way dream and a fully realized ambition is putting in the work. When it comes to changing your life, there’s no substitute for hard work. That doesn’t mean that you have to

Tribal Quotes 19: Being Black, Boldly Brilliant and Beautiful

 Tribal Quotes 19: Being Black, Boldly Brilliant and Beautiful On this show Brother Kwame is interviews his niece Alexia Smith and I want to share some of the take aways from the interview that I picked up. In his usual fashion "The Black Yoda" connects this interview with one of the proverbs left to us by our Ancestors. The key lesson that I got was the idea about sacrifice in the pursuit of a goal. Our Ancestors state those who are not willing to sacrifice will not be fulfilled, and this young lady has demonstrated the willings to sacrifice. This can be seen in her pursuit of excellencce in the classroom, on the basketball court, and more importantly life. The interview with Alexia Smith was inspiring and eye-opening. It is clear that she has a strong work ethic and determination to succeed. She is a great role model for young people, especially Black girls who may feel like they are not good enough or that they have to sacrifice their dreams in order to achieve success. Li

Against All Odds- Preston J. Harrison

 Against All Odds Destiny surrenders born as an underdog, I was raised by a giant to learn to see through the fog. The coast was always guarded and sometimes would be clear for hope , faith and dreams could only come but very near. I looked around and found no one I could resemble, none just like me truly trying hard to be so nimble. I kept my dream a secret though my ambition told them all. My mouth kept shut, my eyes wide open to see those before me fall. "Not my fate ", I told myself as others claimed they heard me say. I declared my life my own then out on faith I made my way. Preston J. Harrison

Demari Faust on Gye-Nyame Journey radio

Had an excellent interview with one of columbus's finest artist. It is good to find young artist who really embrace Hip-Hop tradition. In the interview we discuss the path that he has walked and he dropped some jewels for those who have ears. So take a coffee brake and listen his and other interview on my spreaker radio show Gye-Nyame journey. Nuff said Peace & 1hunid years