Monday, June 13, 2011

SelfMastery Training - Session 2

For those that could not make it to the training this week, I will briefly share some of the information shared during the session. Read and keep up just in case you decide to drop in one of these sundays.
During the second session we had to review information from last week. We started with meditation as we will continue to do throughout this training.We spoke about the Self and personality. We spoke about the power and importance of axe' and how it is related to the breath, and the importance that meditation plays in building up this power.
We were able to make it through 2 of the tools from the "Player's Pyramid", and we will continue working through the next 5 (check out the Player's Pyramid). We were not able to get into the lost art but will jump into it next week.

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  1. sorry it is so brief, but I am in a time crunch until about the 25th of June. I also forgot to discuss homework. daily meditation for at least 15 mins. per day, complete reading the first story in the last art, and be ready to discuss the next five tools to build your personal Pyramid.