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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Belonging To A Conscious Community (Tribing Up)

Peace FAM:
I spend a lot of time thinking about our communtiy, and how to best structure it so that we can build something that is lasting. I truly believe in legacy, and understand that I am responsible for the next 7 generations at least. This is why I get up and do my show, because I am trying to add value to my community and build it. For me this is a lifestyle and as uncomfortable as it can be sometimes I know that it is my responsibilty. I have to reach out and build with like minded folks, as well as battle with some that disagree, but the conversation must be waged. I believe that if we do nothing we are condeming our futre generations to continues servitude to a system that will always put their needs last. We must develop structures that will defend our future, and demand from the powers that be, what is owed to us. We must build instituitons that are for us, and controled by us if not, we will end up as a foot note in history.
Human beings are social creatures, and that is one of the secrets of our success on this planet. As a community we have to re-learn how to build these social structures. For years I have been talking to my FAM, about tribing up. Because I believe that is the structure that will save us. Tribes combine and becomes communities, communities combine and become cities, cities combine and become states, and states combine and become nations.
As a community I often wonder about what is stopping us from being able to move through these steps, and here are a few of my thoughts. Checkout the video:

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Folktales & Proverbs - Daily Toast Nia 69171

Peace FAM:
I have been on the grind for years now with, blogging, podcasting, vlogging and now brewing I am finally making inroads on a platform, but I feel I need to explain why I do what I do. I believe that I need to express the Nia that is flowing through me at this time. My purpose is to enlighten, uplift, encourage, and I must be honest to talk. Those that know me, know that this the truth. I believe and have believed for a long time that I was born to talk. I have supported my family with my mouth, I have provided jobs with my mouth, I have raised money with my mouth, and I can continue but I won't. I am driven to do this, and to the dismay of many in my life I continue. I will get up early in the morning to make sure that I am able to reach those that are taking the time out to listen. Hell I will do a show if no one is there, and I fell I need to explain this desire. Because the fact is that I am not alone, many if not all of my readers, listeners, viewers, and drinkers have been called to do something. What separates me from the bunch is that I will do it, and do it for free. I will offend, I will praise, I will discover, and I will mess up publicly. All so that I can fulfill that Nia, because if I don't it won't let me rest. The goal of the video is to push those standing on the sidelines , into the game. You are not alone, and the craziness that you feel inside is not truly crazy. That is your internal GPS screaming for you to start your journey. We all were born with a quest, that we need to complete before we leave this life, have you started. If not what are you waiting on, the present world benefits from your silence, your stillness, and it feeds off your fear. Express your Nia, she will protect you, of course you will be challenged, of course you will face hard times, and you suffer, but my friend you will live. I mean really live, my Nia has taken me around the world. My Nia has fed me when I was hungry. My Nia has provided a school and home for my children. My Nia has brought true friends, and has exposed my enemies. My Nia educates and demands that I share what I discover with you. So excuse for being long winded, that is just the fire in bones. That is just the scream of victory of my ancestors rolling off my tongue.
Family, today I plan to lay out the why of what I do. I need all those that are on this GNJ train to understand who I am and why I am. Hopefully that will help you find the true you if you are lost. I will talk about the purpose of my podcast "Folktales For Grown Folks, and Tribal Quotes", I will discuss the websites, I will discuss the YouTube Channel, The Books, and finally "That Ambrosia". The bottom line is that outside of me being born to talk, I picked up that if you want to be a billionaire figure out away to bring value to a billion peoples lives. I have not reached a billion, but I am on my way. Especially with a tribe like y'all. So keep sharing, commenting, and let's build....

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Daily Toast- Kuumba 429171 "Coconut Oil"

Peace FAM:
Today we will be talking about coconut oil and the power it has to add to our lives. The best part for me is that it is healthy fat that can be converted to energy quickly. I will be increasing the use of it in my personal life, and will be reporting on the effects that I feel.
I woke up late today feeling much better and was able to take a cold bath and get into my Gye-Nyame Salutation as well as my Axe' breath. The best part about this process is that i am getting much more in tune with my body and as I grow I will share the information with you to help you along on your Journey.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hustler'$ Inspiration

Hustler$ Inspiration
Hustler$ Inspiration -

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Hustler$ Inspiration

This email will be sent out to inform all those interested in whats going on with the Journey. If you want to stay informed I will continue sending these emails, if not just opt out.

Here is the latest Folktales for Grown Folks, Listen and read and let me know lesson you have received.

Aesop's Fables
for you to read for yourself

Translated by George Fyler Townsend The Ass and the Mule Preface | Life of Aesop | Aesop's Fables Contents A Muleteer set forth on a journey, driving before him an Ass and a Mule, both well laden.

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Magic Hour 19

We are striving to take Hip-Hop back in Columbus, so Brother ha2tim has teamed up with Kid Magicrock  to create the "Magic Hour", where we bring an hour of some of the best unsigned/underground artist in the city. We are on episode 19 so feel free to download and share....


Today we look at giving ourselves permission to embrace the spirit. We look at what spirit is. Let me know what you think... develop a session habit.
Session 81

Adult planning and Study session - Google+

Join us as we explore Hip-Hop: Is Hip-Hop a culture and as some say the re-birth of an ancient civilization? What are the elements of Hip-Hop? What is Hip-Hop's role in society? What is the spiritual roots of Hip-Hop? Can the true knowkedge of Hip-Hop improve your life?

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Hip-Hop Through ROP - Google+

Several groups have come together to build a process that embraces Hip-Hop culture and the process of ROP. The group is a partnership between Gye-Nyame Journey, Spiritual Roots Society, and the Columbus Chapter of SIMBA Circle. We will explore Hip-Hop culture using the book "Hip-Hop Decoded" by Black Dot.

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Mailing address: Gye-Nyame Journey, 3500 refugee rd., columbus, 0hio, 43232, united states

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

3 levels of learning

Levels of learning/
There are three within our tribe/

In the Gye-Nyame Tribe we focus on 3 levels of learning. The idea is that if we can explain the process of learning, at least the way we see it, this will make it easier for those involved to not only learn the information they need for our Tribe, but it will make life long learning a lot easier.
These levels of learning were stumble upon by watching the growth of many organizations and individuals over 20 year period.
The first level memorization is the building block for the next 2 levels. This is where we take in new information and become familiar enough with it to answer basic questions. The goal is to learn the information verbatim. We also use a scribing method to help with this part of the process. I have personally witness this simple method boost the confidence and information level of people in my Tribe, and in the many other organizations that proceeded it.
After the information has been digested, we have to help move the participant to the next level. We have to make sure that they understand that the information that they have memorized is just that information. We have to make sure that everyone in the tribe understand that there is a difference between information and knowledge, and encourage them to move to the next level.
The next level for us is what we call the intelligence of the mind. This is the gateway to knowledge. The participant begins to transform the information that they have been memorizing into useable knowledge. The begin to digest the information and turn it into energy for there mind. They are now ready to really sit down and discuss what they have been learning, and expand upon it. They now begin to look at the information in different ways and come up with new points of view that they can share, argue and debate. They take a personal ownership of the information and in doing that they transform it into knowledge. So now they can not only regergitate what they have learned but now they speak on it intelligently.
This phase is where most people get trapped, because the same mistake can be made on this level that was made on the previous level. Knowledge gets confused with wisdom. Which are as different as information is from knowledge.
With proper guidance and experience from actually applying the knowledge they have gained. The participant begins to recieve insight. This insight grows from wrestling with the knowledge that has been attained. From questions themselves and their teachers. This insight opens them to true wisdom and now they no longer need to speak about what they know because it can be seen in how they live.
It is just that simple. The overall goal of this process is to motivate our tribe members to move to a point of insight that moves them toward wisdom which ends in mastery.
Nuff said
Peace & 1hunidyears
Brother Ha2tim
Nation Builder
HipHop Philosopha & Shaman

Friday, April 29, 2011

Elder seeks answers- story adapted by ha2tim

IN SPACE - JUNE/JULY 2009:  In this composite ...Image by Getty Images via @daylife

I read the original story some years ago and decided to adapt it for the Journey. if anyone out there  know the original story and who wrote it hit me up so that I can give credit. here we go....

Elder focus mind/
your problems begin to fade/
contact source of all/
After years of meditation, contemplation, and analyzing the elder was on the verge of giving up his quest. She was trying to find the key to re-building a healthy community. As a last ditch effort the Elder decided to turn the matter over to her higher power. the Elder prayed night and day focusing on this one problem, and seeking the answer.
She was determined to find the answer because she had watched the community that she belong to descend into a hell like state. Coming from a once proud tribe and community she noticed that the youth no longer respected the elders, and the elders seemed to not care for or about the youth. Materialism was the name of the game and it had consumed everyone around her. these and other problems were running rampant in her Tribe, community, city, and the nation. She decided to dedicate the time she had left in this life to figure out what was missing, or some method of changing these problems around.
She decided to continue her work in the community, and at night she continuously prayed. Sometimes not even sleeping. she attended all types of services and rituals in the community and around the world that were prayer focused. She fasted, sweated, danced, sung, and etc.. With this one problem on her mind.

commercial break the rest of the story will be shared tomorrow.
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