Saturday, June 10, 2017

Folktales & Proverbs - Daily Toast Nia 69171

Peace FAM:
I have been on the grind for years now with, blogging, podcasting, vlogging and now brewing I am finally making inroads on a platform, but I feel I need to explain why I do what I do. I believe that I need to express the Nia that is flowing through me at this time. My purpose is to enlighten, uplift, encourage, and I must be honest to talk. Those that know me, know that this the truth. I believe and have believed for a long time that I was born to talk. I have supported my family with my mouth, I have provided jobs with my mouth, I have raised money with my mouth, and I can continue but I won't. I am driven to do this, and to the dismay of many in my life I continue. I will get up early in the morning to make sure that I am able to reach those that are taking the time out to listen. Hell I will do a show if no one is there, and I fell I need to explain this desire. Because the fact is that I am not alone, many if not all of my readers, listeners, viewers, and drinkers have been called to do something. What separates me from the bunch is that I will do it, and do it for free. I will offend, I will praise, I will discover, and I will mess up publicly. All so that I can fulfill that Nia, because if I don't it won't let me rest. The goal of the video is to push those standing on the sidelines , into the game. You are not alone, and the craziness that you feel inside is not truly crazy. That is your internal GPS screaming for you to start your journey. We all were born with a quest, that we need to complete before we leave this life, have you started. If not what are you waiting on, the present world benefits from your silence, your stillness, and it feeds off your fear. Express your Nia, she will protect you, of course you will be challenged, of course you will face hard times, and you suffer, but my friend you will live. I mean really live, my Nia has taken me around the world. My Nia has fed me when I was hungry. My Nia has provided a school and home for my children. My Nia has brought true friends, and has exposed my enemies. My Nia educates and demands that I share what I discover with you. So excuse for being long winded, that is just the fire in bones. That is just the scream of victory of my ancestors rolling off my tongue.
Family, today I plan to lay out the why of what I do. I need all those that are on this GNJ train to understand who I am and why I am. Hopefully that will help you find the true you if you are lost. I will talk about the purpose of my podcast "Folktales For Grown Folks, and Tribal Quotes", I will discuss the websites, I will discuss the YouTube Channel, The Books, and finally "That Ambrosia". The bottom line is that outside of me being born to talk, I picked up that if you want to be a billionaire figure out away to bring value to a billion peoples lives. I have not reached a billion, but I am on my way. Especially with a tribe like y'all. So keep sharing, commenting, and let's build....

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