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Elder seeks answers- story adapted by ha2tim

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I read the original story some years ago and decided to adapt it for the Journey. if anyone out there  know the original story and who wrote it hit me up so that I can give credit. here we go....

Elder focus mind/
your problems begin to fade/
contact source of all/
After years of meditation, contemplation, and analyzing the elder was on the verge of giving up his quest. She was trying to find the key to re-building a healthy community. As a last ditch effort the Elder decided to turn the matter over to her higher power. the Elder prayed night and day focusing on this one problem, and seeking the answer.
She was determined to find the answer because she had watched the community that she belong to descend into a hell like state. Coming from a once proud tribe and community she noticed that the youth no longer respected the elders, and the elders seemed to not care for or about the youth. Materialism was the name of the game and it had consumed everyone around her. these and other problems were running rampant in her Tribe, community, city, and the nation. She decided to dedicate the time she had left in this life to figure out what was missing, or some method of changing these problems around.
She decided to continue her work in the community, and at night she continuously prayed. Sometimes not even sleeping. she attended all types of services and rituals in the community and around the world that were prayer focused. She fasted, sweated, danced, sung, and etc.. With this one problem on her mind.

commercial break the rest of the story will be shared tomorrow.
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