Monday, January 31, 2011

Social media

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What if Nat Turner/
Had a facebook or twitter/
World would be different/

Those of us on this Journey have accepted the fact that we are agents of change in this world. We have decided to develop ourselves and have realized the small changes that we make in ourselves ripple out into the world. Being a successful agent of change now-a-days has been simplified for us, but in the simplifying of our ability to reach millions we have inherited a gigantic burden. In these days we don't have the excuses that generations before have had. We unlike like our ancestors can reach out and touch thousands very inexpensively. I am one that believes that if we don't take advantage of these gifts we deserve what we get. With the introduction of social Media we have been given the power unlike any other to make change by sharing our ideas with the world. The effectiveness of this tool can be seen if we just look at what is going on in Egypt, Tunisia, and other hot spots around the world. Change is being inspired by tweets, and face book statuses. In the United States an entire presidential election was won because of the use of social media. We can not overlook the role social media played in the rise of the Tea party as well.
While driving the thought hit how different the world would have been if these type of tools were available to some the revolutionary thinkers of the past. What if Nat Turner had a twitter account? how about about if Gabriele Prosser had FB to connect with his crew. What if Marcus Garvey had had a blog,twitter account, and updated his FB page consistently. I believe this would have been a different world we live.
We are living in a time of s/heroes and we bring change to the world. For us not to perfect the use of the most powerful weapon at our disposal is an act treason against our ancestors. So pick up your phone and learn to use it to share your ideas. Pick up your IPAD, and your laptop and help the world change. Let's learn to use these tools to perfect ourselves. We no longer have to retreat to temples to perfect ourselves. We can create cyber experiences to get closer ourselves. When we find ways to combine the old with the new we find new trails to blaze, and these trails will be the foundations upon which the future myths and legends will be born from. I ask you today will you be one of the trail blazers that your great grands will be able to tell stories about, or will you just accept what is given to you in life.

Peace & 1hunidyears
Brother Ha2tim
Nation Builder
HipHop Philosopha & Shaman
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