Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Shameful hypocrite

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Shameful hypocrite/
Make illegal your methods/
Used to rise to top/

I know I am supposed to be focusing on the number system, but current events keep hitting me in the face. The daze that the blow causes sends Ha2kus to my pen. So forgive me for the brief interruption in the current SelfMastery™ coaching sessions.
I have been cofronted by hypocracy and have to speakout. I don't know if those in power and wealth have forgotten the lessons or have they gotten so drunk with power that they feel they are untouchable. Slowly the masses are waking up and SelfMastery™coaching is designed to spread the virus of consciousness. I call it a virus because once it is in you, it can't be cured. It begins to influence your life through influencing your thinking, thereby changing your thoughts, and through thoughts change how you see and act in the world.
How can governments feel they can encroach on every aspect of our lives and not cause issues, that grow into rebellion and eventually grow into revolution.
First thought that comes to mind is that all are not equal under the law. Of course we are told differently. This is not true under mans law or the universal law. If it was true under mans law then how much money you have and spend on a lier, I mean lawyer would not matter. We have just recently seen that if you are deemed to big to fail. The laws don't apply to you. You may get some penalties but you are not left to face the harsh reciprocity of your actions. Let a poor person walk into court who has renigged on his responsibility and watch what happens. If you need proof look at how many men are sitting in jail eating up our taxes for child support. It seems that having no money or no access to resources has taken the place of the color line.
In natural law if everything was equal then birds would not fly, and beavers would not build dams. Nature shows us that everything is not equal it is the difference in things and beings that make the life we know possible, and worth living.
Now back to this hypocracy it seems that everything that western powers has done to get to the top is now looked at as a crime. If it can be viewed as a crime now, should not those that suffered under a system that supported these crimes be made whole. I don't see land being returned to Native Americans (good land, look at the land most reservations are on and you find one thing in common the land can not produce). How about the African Americans that were brought here as eternal slaves (chattel) although they were freed they were not made whole. Hypocracy!!!! Each one of these groups has added through there loss to the wealth of this nation. One providing the land, and others (not just Africans) provided the labor that till this day fills the coffers of some of the wealthy class. I figure on the interst alone these groups could be more than helped, they can be made whole. When you take away generations of people, when you destroy cultures, when you humiliate groups of people, there has to be a price to pay. It does not necessarily have to be money, but it takes more than apologies, and fancy monuments, and pieces of paper.
Now I want to get to what really sparked me to write this blog. I was thinking about the labor market and the unions. The unions although they may need to make some concession are being destroyed. Unions maybe the only thing that is helping maintain a middle class here in America. The middle class is the illusion that keeps the poor from taking from the rich. If the middle class is allowed to fall here and the illusion of the American dream is stripped it is going to get bad in this country. The middle class present the idea that if you work hard and master something you can live a good life here. These unions whether you agree with them or not have kept the poor classes in their place by acting as a buffer. Remove the buffer and you will have revolution. The middle class will realize eventually they have nothing to loose like the poor and the proverbial shit will hit the fan.
Hypocracy is a an illusion that requires energy to maintain. Take away the illusion and people will see the truth, and want nothing else. Personally I cant wait for the truth to be revealed and then maybe America can truly lead the way into the 21st century.
Nuff said
Peace and 1hunidyears
Now back to the regularly scheduled blog
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