Gye-Nyame steam adventures

This Journey involves alot of experimentation, and today I reached in and started experimenting with eating as much steamed food as possible I will be sending photos to the blog so that you can see some of the stuff i have figured out how to cook.
I decided to start steaming because i have been reading about the raw food diets out there. I like the flavor of cooked food and decided to try the next best thing steaming my veggies. From what i understand from the research you only loose a little of the nutrients when you expose the food to steam. I will let you know how it goes for me. I will be putting down (the junk food and the black and milds eventually... hahahaaa), I need to get back into fighting shape because I have some new challenges ahead of me. I will keep yall posted.
the meal that you see on the screen is a mixture of kale and mustard greens, with onions, a little salt some old bey, and a few herbs that I could find at my mama's house. this was ready in 15 minutes and whats gone in 12.
I will also begin my work out and I will keep you posted and show pics of my development. I'm getting my fighting weight back because the berimbau is calling me home. hahahaaaa

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