Gye-Nyame Steaming Journey III

Here is another meal I put together in my steaming journey. I am looking for meals that are healthy and good for me as I begin to move back to my warrior weight.
Today we have a green bean mix. I simply mixed some fresh green beans, some of my left over great northern beans, onion, garlic, and bell pepper. Steamed over a bed of salmon. I used some cinnamon, a little turbinado sugar, salt, black pepper, and a little to much cayenne pepper to season it. I also squeezed some fresh orange juice over it as well.
After completing steaming. (30 minutes) I put it over a bed of rice (did not steam rice only have one steamer here), and now I am about to eat.
So far the only effects have notice from the steam food is a slight itchy feeling in my skin, I will do some research but I figure this is my body adjusting to the food. I will keep you informed about any other changes that I experience from my new diet changes.
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