Thursday, October 27, 2011


Why spoil your children/
Then send them to public school/
Expecting some growth/

This Ha2ku is not just about spoiled kids, and then again it is. If we want to set standards for ourselves and others that is cool, but when we expect and even in some cases demand that others abide by these standards, we are not being realistic. I think that every parent, every lover, and every friend should spoil those closest to them, but to do this and not prepare them for the cold world is setting the spoiled up for a terrible crash. When the spoiled are flung into an environment that is not designed to cater to them they may not be able to handle the situation, which can lead to failure. This thought hit me as I was dealing with some young people that could not adjust to the school environment. When we spoil individuals then we need to willing to provide and give them what they need. For example, if you feel that you need to spoil and smother your child with attention then "Home School" them. They will not get the attention that they need in a public nor even a private school. Same with Lover and friends. Part of the Journey is taking responsibility for what we create, and spoiling someone is a form of creation, so enjoy that which you have made.
Nuff Said
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