Have You Shaken The Dust From Your Feet

Shaking the Dust from your feet is a command that I learned that Jesus gave to his disciples. They were instructed to shake the dust from there feet when they left a town, or house where people did not accept what they had to offer. When you look at it from a purely physical level this command can be confusing, but when we put on our symbolic glasses we see a whole new idea. Dust is defined as "Fine, dry powder consisting of tiny particles of earth or waste matter lying on the ground or on surfaces or carried in the air."
 By shaking the dust from your feet when leaving a place means to leave the waste matter, and decayed particles where you found them. 
On the Journey we have to have the same mind state, we want to begin shaking the dust from our feet when we leave not just places, but also when we leave negative people. We don't want to be carrying around the old waste from past situations because they may contaminate any new situation that we may enter. shaking the dust from our selves metaphorically is a powerful tool that can be used in SelfMastery. Stop carrying around the old dust from the negative peopl, events, relationships, old jobs, and etc. around with you. take time to shake that dust off. Daily we should shake the dust off from yesterday so that we can continue in the now clean of old debris. So now those on the Journey Join me in shaking the dust from our feet.


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