Thursday, March 23, 2017

Daily Toast- 323171 (not Black enough)

Peace FAM
A horrible realization hit me as I was about to go to bed and get ready for our Daily Toast. I am not Black enough!!! I mean we are not Black enough, let's look at the reality that we are encased in. We live on a continent named after a white man, in a cities that are named after white people, under governments that are controlled by white people, we go to stores named after white people, eat at restaurants named after white people, wear close named after white people, live on streets named after white people, spend money with white people faces on them, go to schools named after white people, look at maps centered around people, operate in a political system  created for and by white people, are subjected to curricula that are about white people, and then i have to hear that I am Too Black. Give me a break, the truth is I am not Black enough.
Today we will focus on how we are not using the precious resource of Blackness to move our lives forward, because of our fear of being called Too Black, when the fact is that country that we live in is actually Too white.

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