Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Daily Toast- Ujima 412171 Lack Of Rightousness

Peace FAM:
Today during Ujima we need to look at the principle of Righteousness. Righteousness is the quality of being morally right or justifiable. Now let's look at this principle from our cultural lense, and take it out the realm of universal morality. This whole universal movement does not benefit us because the Universe in which it takes place is not ours. It is important that we begin to shift our sight to look at all of our principles, and really everything else from our cultural lense. This is important because it helps create a new frame or story that we exist in. At this moment FAM you are immersed in a Universe that is not your own. This limits your power and makes you a servant to the whom ever universe you are in. As a people, but first as individuals we have to change our vibration to fit into our Universe. The Universe that our ancestors created for themselves, as well as for their children. Until we do this we will forever get Righteousness twisted. At this point and time our frame of reference for the concept of righteousness does not benefit us. If we are viewing it from the framework that we have been given, and in most cases  forced upon us, that concept of righteousness serves others and not us. We can strive to be righteous, moral, and right, but the vibration we are acting is not attracting the rewards that we seek. When we begin to move from our cultural frame of reference we will begin to see the stark differences that appear in this world righteousness and our worlds righteousness. Righteousness flows from the culture and it's main goal is to get the people to operate morally, right and in a justice based way with each other. When righteousness is in operation it is the glue that hold a people together. It prevents crimes, bad behaviors, and disrespect from consuming the people and eventually killing the culture. Now is this what is happening in our communities now? If it is not then we are in a strangers universe, operating in their world, and from this position we can never win. Because of our action will provide them with the fuel to destroy us. By changing our vibration we rise into a universe, that is ours, and inhabit a world where will control the narrative. That my friend is what the 21 Day Nguzo Saba Challenge is about. Now checkout the video, and let's talk FAM.

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