Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Daily Toast- Ujima 426171 "Let's Talk Water"

"Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink"

Peace FAM:
I would like to greet you on this marvelous day of Ujima. If you missed it we a had powerful show last night (Folk Tales For Grown Folks), and I plan to top that tonight with "Tribal Quotes", which for those that don't know airs every Ujima @ 9pm est. Hope to hear or see you in the place. Make sure you like and press the alarm bell so that you will be notified when ever I broadcast, but beware I live stream on FB every morning to Salute the ancestors with a Daily Toast @ 4:15 am est..
Today's topic is simply water, I believe that a majority of the people that I walk by, work with, and work around may be suffering from dehydration. Most people in America although we are surrounded by water are not drinking enough. We are either drinking the chemically laced tap water, or we just are jumping over water altogether and slurping on all the different varieties of mud that are available to us. It appears that abundance is killing us FAM. Water is the first key to life, and we need to begin indulging. I personal like to sip on distilled water, because I like the feel of it. Either way you need to get clean water flowing threw your system. Water not only cleans the body out, makes you smarter, helps build and support neurotransmitters, increase memory, makes you stronger, and most importantly it also supplies the body with axe' (life force). This life force (axe') gives us the power we need to not only heal, but to move to the next level of life. So get you a glass of water, just make sure it is not laced with pesticides, fluoride, and the host of other chemicals. The issue with tap water and the other mud beverages that we drink is that your body has to use water and other bodily resources to extract water. This is exactly why we are dehydrated because our bodies are using more water to get water which causes deficit within our body. Learning to control our physical is much like running a tribe, you have to monitor what goes in and out of it so that you can get the results that you want. If you can govern your body you can govern a community. As the ancestors say "if you can lead yourself you can lead the world. This is an important point for those in GNJ and those taking the 21 Day Nguzo Saba Challenge, my goal is to help prepare you to not only become the leader in your life, but to move you to being a leader where ever you are. So get out your glass and join me for the Daily Toast, and let's take over the world, or at least our corner. Remember to stay hydrated.
I wish you Peace, Power, Joy & 1hunidyears

ohhhhhh yeah: Tomorrow we will discuss the maintenance power Red Palm Oil from Africa

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