The P's Of Politricks- Daily Journey 69171

Peace FAM:
I am proud to say that today was the day that I decided to begin shipping "That Ambrosia", first shipment was sent out west, and i mean way out west. The shipping cost is workable, and for those that want to get their hands on this drink, it is worth it. i have decided that the goal of GNJ's "That Ambrosia" is to help heal all ailments affecting our Tribe that are connected to gut health. The list of those type of diseases is long and I will not go into it. I will save that for another video. For those family & friends that want to get hold of "That Ambrosia" it is as a simple process. By you supporting our efforts you get access to the drink. For those interested feel free to click the link "That Ambrosia", and follow the instructions.
Now to the P's of politricks, these are simply my observation. check them out and let, me know what you think:

Politics vs. Policy
Politicians (personalities) vs. Platforms
Parties vs. Principles

Nuff said be sure to checkout the video..... 

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