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The Micro Biome and Other Thangs

 Listen in to this show as we look at the microbiome, proper breathing, and take a deep dive into Gye-Nyame Journey culture. We are building over here, and you are welcome to join us. If you like this information be sure to sign up for our Free Ecourse , to get more engaging content. We are building a better world one Tribe member at a time. Listen to "Old Man Rant - Microbiome and other Thangs" on Spreaker.

Parasites are Everywhere

 We are back on the podcast game, and we are looking at parasites and how they can effect your health. Tune and be sure to send us comments and questions. If you like this be sure to subscribe to our email list and be sure to checkout our Free ecourse. We will help you learn more about yourself, help you plug into your culture and live "The Best Life"... Listen to "Parasites & Our Health" on Spreaker.

Mind Power

Mind Power Peace Fam: Great Umoja, I have a post coming for you today. I have a lot of material and I want to make sure to get it all to you. As soon as I laid out a system that works, something else goes crazy in my life, forcing me to make more adjustments. But I am staying focused and writing to make sure I get you the proper content. Please pay attention to this post and start applying the idea, because many of us lack mind control, and create thoughts that hinder our personal growth. Tune in and post up some comments, and we will get to them. Introduction The Law of Mentalism. In this article, I’ll go over the basic concept of The Law of Mentalism and how it applies to human consciousness. You’ll learn how every single thought you think is actually an extension of your conscious awareness and is a manifestation of your mind’s ability to create reality from nothingness. Everything is made from one. The Law of Mentalism states that everything is made from one. The law is also known

The Power Of Bitter

Peace FAM: The bitter parts of life help build us up, and prepare our body and mind for the goodness that eventually will come. We have been trained to avoid the bitter. We are told not to complain, and to grin and bare it, we must monitor what we say and how we say it to make sure we don't spit out bitter words. We are surrounded by food that are packed with sugar and if we go to any grocery store we will be hard pressed to find something bitter. We have advanced humanity to a point where we can possible go a life time and never experience bitter word, or bitter food. We have reached the pinnacle of civilization, for now we can shelter the members from all the bitter that life has to offer. This process is complete but we have lost a lot in this trade, and many may want to go back and make some adjustments in our lives. Bitter helps us grow, and it strengthens us. It helps get our creativity unstuck, just like physical bitters jump starts our immune system, and stimulate digest

The P's Of Politricks- Daily Journey 69171

Peace FAM: I am proud to say that today was the day that I decided to begin shipping "That Ambrosia", first shipment was sent out west, and i mean way out west. The shipping cost is workable, and for those that want to get their hands on this drink, it is worth it. i have decided that the goal of GNJ's "That Ambrosia" is to help heal all ailments affecting our Tribe that are connected to gut health. The list of those type of diseases is long and I will not go into it. I will save that for another video. For those family & friends that want to get hold of "That Ambrosia" it is as a simple process. By you supporting our efforts you get access to the drink. For those interested feel free to click the link "That Ambrosia" , and follow the instructions. Now to the P's of politricks, these are simply my observation. check them out and let, me know what you think: Politics vs. Policy Politicians (personalities) vs. Platforms Parties

Parasites Are Everywhere - Daily Toast Ujima 531171

Peace FAM: We toasted the ancestors in a grand fashion this morning. I Love and Appreciate my FAM coming out and support this daily ritual. We have been doing this since the beginning of the New Year, and have been rolling along. I finally have a platform where I can share what I know, and more importantly what I know. I have to apologize because some days I get caught up, and hit one of my rants, but those that have been rolling with me on GNJ, already know what it is. I feel that "My people perish because of a lack of knowledge", and I am here to challenge that. So Join GNJ, like and subscribe and let's learn and share together. Today I went another tangent about these parasites. I have been freaked out every since I started reading about them, and the many forms that they take. I was also amazed at how many ailments they are connected to. Many of us are suffering needlessly, and taking medical treatments that may be breaking our bodies down. Family I think that it is

Daily Toast- Ujamaa 518171 "The wasted resource of Black Manhood & Black Womanhood

Peace FAM: Wasted resources are killing our community. Especially resources that we have control over. I am going to hit on some sensitive ideas in this article and the video so I need to warn you advance. I woke up and started thinking about the role of gender in a culture, and asked why were they important. Gender roles were established to help bring order in the culture. Each individual was assigned roles at birth, as well as from the community. These roles helped to advance the society. The interaction between the genders produced the life that enabled the culture to exist as well as the community that adhered to the role. Now in these days and times these roles have been allowed to slip into each other forming whole other groups of individuals. Now where you stand on this is your business, and is not part of my discussion, but it is something that I felt that I need to cover. We as Africans in America, also known as Black folks are in no position to be arguing about these gend

Daily Toast- Nia 46171 (Helping Others Find There Nia Through A Challenge)

Peace FAM: I greet you on this beautiful Day of Nia. I am up and ready to get at the world. I have recently launched the 21 Day Nguzo Saba Challenge , and I feel good. I have Identified my purpose and now I have found a mechanism to share it with the world. Click the link and allow me to help you identify your purpose, or if you know your purpose already allow me to help you intensify your pursuit. It is time that we stop living our lives according to other peoples rules. Especially when those others base their economic growth on your failure. Nia is the day where we are able to refocus our efforts and get after what it is we were born to do. Stop wasting the little bit of time you have on this earth making others reality better, future secure. Let's begin to plug into our true power and unleash it on the world. This is exactly why I have developed the challenge . I have spent my life watching my people struggle under others banners, we learned the language and that wasn't eno

Daily Toast- Ujamaa 46171 (Misplaced Emotinal Energy)

Peace FAM: Pardon the lateness, but the files with the effects are bigger than I imagined and this one took 2 hours to upload, so that throws off my time table and I have to wait for a break to post. Break time and today is moving in slow motion for me. I am struggling on the warrior diet, because my body is telling me that it wants to eat, but it is more of a want than a need. Yesterday I ate my meal, and could not finish it. This was shocking because I thought I was hungry then as well. Taming the body is a Herculean task but I am up for it. I know you are reading this wondering what does the warrior diet have to do with today's topic. I am discovering that I am eating to feel emotional lacks in my life. Eating gives me a sense of comfort. Like many of you who will take the Challenge , you will begin to discover new things about yourself, and you will begin to recognize where you are wasting alot of energy. Our emotions are the driving force in our lives, and if we don't l

Daily Toast- Imani 326171 (interview with the Baba)

Great Day FAM It was a busy weekend, and I was blessed to be able to participate as well as share it with you. I have an opportunity to interview the Baba of the Simba/Simsa nation. This is a man who has been a guide and an example for me for the last 30 years. We discuss the power of Imani, as well as a few other things. We also send shots out to another Elder who we on our way to surprise for his birthday. You get to join us for that as well. Sorry for the lack of music, but this video turned out to be a 5 gigabyte event. Every gigbyte was worthg it. so tune in and let me know what you think.

Daily Toast- Umoja 313171 (take time to review)

Peace FAM: Great Umoja, and welcome to the start of new cycle. Take time in this cycle and review all of the principles and how you have practiced each one. Now is the time of manifesting all of the work from the previous cycle. We also talk about being careful about what we allow into our minds, and how by not monitoring our thoughts we allow things into our mind that manifest in our lives to hold us back. Checkout the video and let me know what you think. Peace &1hunidyears

Daily Toast- Imani 312171 (Focused Faith)

Peace FAM; Here is the Vlog from Imani, sorry it is late but it has been up on YouTube all night, just waiting for some eyes to hit it. Yesterday was one of the rare days where I did not have anything to do so me and my kids once again got busy and had a pancake breakfast (Broke my Diet today's in a row, but now I'm back on). I love spending time with these little folks even though it can be challenging at times. I have to always remember that we are generational people, and my goal to help them remember why they are here. Today I try to keep the theme of the week in mind and discuss learning to focus our faith.  I wish you peace hope you enjoy, and feel free to commit. Nuff said Peace & 1hunidyears