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Friday, June 23, 2017

The Power Of Bitter

Peace FAM:
The bitter parts of life help build us up, and prepare our body and mind for the goodness that eventually will come. We have been trained to avoid the bitter. We are told not to complain, and to grin and bare it, we must monitor what we say and how we say it to make sure we don't spit out bitter words. We are surrounded by food that are packed with sugar and if we go to any grocery store we will be hard pressed to find something bitter. We have advanced humanity to a point where we can possible go a life time and never experience bitter word, or bitter food. We have reached the pinnacle of civilization, for now we can shelter the members from all the bitter that life has to offer. This process is complete but we have lost a lot in this trade, and many may want to go back and make some adjustments in our lives. Bitter helps us grow, and it strengthens us. It helps get our creativity unstuck, just like physical bitters jump starts our immune system, and stimulate digestion.
The Toast went for almost 40 minutes today, I just was in the flow, and let it all out. I mixed in some stories, as I led up to the point of discussion. Tune in and let me know what you think. If you are interested in getting the African Bitters I will post a link:Gye Nyame Black Seed Bitters with Moringa 16 oz (Detox Beverage)

Friday, June 9, 2017

The P's Of Politricks- Daily Journey 69171

Peace FAM:
I am proud to say that today was the day that I decided to begin shipping "That Ambrosia", first shipment was sent out west, and i mean way out west. The shipping cost is workable, and for those that want to get their hands on this drink, it is worth it. i have decided that the goal of GNJ's "That Ambrosia" is to help heal all ailments affecting our Tribe that are connected to gut health. The list of those type of diseases is long and I will not go into it. I will save that for another video. For those family & friends that want to get hold of "That Ambrosia" it is as a simple process. By you supporting our efforts you get access to the drink. For those interested feel free to click the link "That Ambrosia", and follow the instructions.
Now to the P's of politricks, these are simply my observation. check them out and let, me know what you think:

Politics vs. Policy
Politicians (personalities) vs. Platforms
Parties vs. Principles

Nuff said be sure to checkout the video..... 

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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Parasites Are Everywhere - Daily Toast Ujima 531171

Peace FAM:
We toasted the ancestors in a grand fashion this morning. I Love and Appreciate my FAM coming out and support this daily ritual. We have been doing this since the beginning of the New Year, and have been rolling along. I finally have a platform where I can share what I know, and more importantly what I know. I have to apologize because some days I get caught up, and hit one of my rants, but those that have been rolling with me on GNJ, already know what it is. I feel that "My people perish because of a lack of knowledge", and I am here to challenge that. So Join GNJ, like and subscribe and let's learn and share together.
Today I went another tangent about these parasites. I have been freaked out every since I started reading about them, and the many forms that they take. I was also amazed at how many ailments they are connected to. Many of us are suffering needlessly, and taking medical treatments that may be breaking our bodies down. Family I think that it is important for every one in GNJ to take a few days and cleanse, and also take some time on a regular day to stop and allow our bodies to heal. The fasting, intermittent fasting, the water consumption, a diet that links you to your ancestral heritage, learning, and physical movement is the key to move toward Self Mastery. Many of us on our quest have been hijacked unknowingly by the many varieties of these parasites. They hijack our all 5 parts of our being making it impossible for us to move toward our greatness. Your health is truly your wealth and you need to be prepared to defend it. These parasites not only control our bodies but the more I look into them I am starting to believe that they are controlling our minds. When we look at some of the behaviors that we indulge in or allow to be indulged in around us, it makes me wonder could some of these parasites cause mental illness, addictions (beyond food), and self destructive behaviors.
Today I found a list that lays out some of the parasites and i take the time to read through each one. I apologize if I missed some, but like you I am a constant student. Checkout the video, and share your thoughts, as well as like and subscribe.
"Let' Build!!!"
Nuff Said
I wish you Peace, Power, Joy, & 1hunidyears

Friday, May 19, 2017

Daily Toast- Ujamaa 518171 "The wasted resource of Black Manhood & Black Womanhood

Peace FAM:
Wasted resources are killing our community. Especially resources that we have control over. I am going to hit on some sensitive ideas in this article and the video so I need to warn you advance.
I woke up and started thinking about the role of gender in a culture, and asked why were they important. Gender roles were established to help bring order in the culture. Each individual was assigned roles at birth, as well as from the community. These roles helped to advance the society. The interaction between the genders produced the life that enabled the culture to exist as well as the community that adhered to the role. Now in these days and times these roles have been allowed to slip into each other forming whole other groups of individuals. Now where you stand on this is your business, and is not part of my discussion, but it is something that I felt that I need to cover. We as Africans in America, also known as Black folks are in no position to be arguing about these gender roles. We are at this point and time I believe in a battle for our survival and need to focus our energy on re-building our Culture, and building our Nation. The gender debate is taking up needed time and resources. If you are comfortable in your skin then so be it, but be willing to get in the role that you claim and bare the burdens that come with it. Their is power in the Masculine and the Feminine that I believe that we are leaving on the table, and because we are not tapping into it our communities are falling apart, and our culture is being degraded and defined for us.
Now those who have been following me know that I have personally come to the conclusion that Culture is the most important thing. I believe that from the culture people learn how to deal with life and all of the hurdles it throws at us. From culture we learn how to deal, with our God, our emotions, relationships, careers, business, money, politics, war and everything else in life. Most importantly we learn how to become men and women, and understand what that means. We develop a picture of the world that will lead or can lead us to a thriving state rather than exist in survival mode. We have been stripped of our Cultural software, and have been given the knock off software of a west Asian culture which does not benefit us one bit. Within this west Asian knock off code that we are following it has a virus in the operation of gender. Please understand that gender is bigger than man and woman, it is the foundation for creation. Not just of life, but of ideas that lead to personal, and group advancement.
So take some time listen in and let me know what you think, and remember it is not to late to take the 21 Day Nguzo Saba Challenge, and join us as we move toward self mastery. Also be sure to checkout some of the books and other offers at the top of the browser on our site. To get more exclusive material sign up for this blog or just go to this site and sign up Gye-Nyame Journey.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Daily Toast- Nia 46171 (Helping Others Find There Nia Through A Challenge)

Peace FAM:
I greet you on this beautiful Day of Nia. I am up and ready to get at the world. I have recently launched the 21 Day Nguzo Saba Challenge, and I feel good. I have Identified my purpose and now I have found a mechanism to share it with the world. Click the link and allow me to help you identify your purpose, or if you know your purpose already allow me to help you intensify your pursuit. It is time that we stop living our lives according to other peoples rules. Especially when those others base their economic growth on your failure. Nia is the day where we are able to refocus our efforts and get after what it is we were born to do. Stop wasting the little bit of time you have on this earth making others reality better, future secure. Let's begin to plug into our true power and unleash it on the world. This is exactly why I have developed the challenge. I have spent my life watching my people struggle under others banners, we learned the language and that wasn't enough. We picked their corn, cotton, sugar and tobacco, and that wasn't enough. We walked away in abject poverty asking and receiving nothing, and that wasn't enough. We got their education, and that still was not enough. Now it is time that we start moving in our purpose, on purpose. It is time for us to begin building our intuition, mind, emotions, spirit, and body so that we can use them for our own growth. I now this type of talk makes some of you nervous, but please understand that when we start to rise by developing ourselves so does everyone else. We have to focus on us first. This means moving forward to some of our traditions. This means applying nation building principles every day. This means moving in and on purpose. This means taking the time to evaluate your life and identifying who and what is adding and multiplying in your life and pulling them closer, but being brave and strong enough to remove those who are subtracting from you, and bringing division.
I set out years ago to develop something that could help people, and bring value in their life, and it all came together in my 49th year of life. I started the Nguzo Saba Challenge, I began making videos everyday, I started making "That Ambrosia", I started doing my axe' breath almost everyday, I started forcing my self into a cold shower, I started sharing the proverbs, and folktales that have been helping me through my adult life, and began seeing changes. After going through my notes, journals, diaries , and writings I started to notice that they all were pointing to me doing exactly what I am doing now; Sharing with you. Helping you identify the power that is lying in you waiting for you to begin paying more attention to it. So take the time to read over the challenge and sign up, it is free and you receive plenty of extras, suggestions of things to do, and food for thought.
Also I will begin broadcasting the Daily Toast live at 4:30am on FB live Umoja-Nia (only FAM will understand what I just wrote on Kuumba and Imani TBD, but it will go down. I know that most of you wont be up, but the toast is for those that want to take a few minutes to salute their personal ancestors. I need to stress that during this particular post we pour for our direct relatives. Those that want to participate or just watch tune in. If one of your ancestors touch your heart shot them out over the time line, and if I see it I will send a shout out. I am planning to limit this toast to 15 minutes so that I can finish production for my YouTube video. I also realize that some of you may not understand why I would toast my ancestors everyday, and that is cool stick around long enough with me and you will learn why. I also need to explain that these will not be typical libations. Instead of pouring them outward we will be pouring them inwards. We will start by drinking a glass of water together to jump start the body, at least those who see that value in what I am doing will. Next after the water we will toast our ancestors with a healthy drink, I personally use "That Ambrosia", but you can use some herbal tea, fresh juice, water, and etc..
I also need to mention that challenge can start at your leisure. I just provide the information, but I must mention that whenever you start the best day to do so is Umoja,  just to get you lined up with the rest of the group.
Nuff said
Peace & 1hunidyears

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Daily Toast- Ujamaa 46171 (Misplaced Emotinal Energy)

Peace FAM:
Pardon the lateness, but the files with the effects are bigger than I imagined and this one took 2 hours to upload, so that throws off my time table and I have to wait for a break to post. Break time and today is moving in slow motion for me. I am struggling on the warrior diet, because my body is telling me that it wants to eat, but it is more of a want than a need. Yesterday I ate my meal, and could not finish it. This was shocking because I thought I was hungry then as well. Taming the body is a Herculean task but I am up for it. I know you are reading this wondering what does the warrior diet have to do with today's topic. I am discovering that I am eating to feel emotional lacks in my life. Eating gives me a sense of comfort. Like many of you who will take the Challenge, you will begin to discover new things about yourself, and you will begin to recognize where you are wasting alot of energy. Our emotions are the driving force in our lives, and if we don't learn how to harness them they will tear us apart. Now I need to make myself clear, I am not talking about shutting them down, and pretending we don't have them. I am talking about learning to use them, I dare to say even aim them. Yes your emotions can be aimed and utilized to push you toward your goals. Our ancestors did it, and our enemies are presently using it against us. When you don't have emotional control over yourself you leave a untapped energy source that others will strive to use. Groups have emotional energy as well and can be guided and manipulated to benefit others. This is what is happening to us as individuals and as groups. we invest energy into all sorts of endeavors that do not benefit us. I am simply suggesting that those that are reading this and in Gye-Nyame Journey should be learning ways to harness the emotional energy of ourselves, our tribe, our community, and others to move us to our greatness.
Nuff said
Peace & 1hunidyears

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Daily Toast- Imani 326171 (interview with the Baba)

Great Day FAM
It was a busy weekend, and I was blessed to be able to participate as well as share it with you. I have an opportunity to interview the Baba of the Simba/Simsa nation. This is a man who has been a guide and an example for me for the last 30 years. We discuss the power of Imani, as well as a few other things. We also send shots out to another Elder who we on our way to surprise for his birthday. You get to join us for that as well. Sorry for the lack of music, but this video turned out to be a 5 gigabyte event. Every gigbyte was worthg it. so tune in and let me know what you think.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Daily Toast- Umoja 313171 (take time to review)

Peace FAM:
Great Umoja, and welcome to the start of new cycle. Take time in this cycle and review all of the principles and how you have practiced each one. Now is the time of manifesting all of the work from the previous cycle. We also talk about being careful about what we allow into our minds, and how by not monitoring our thoughts we allow things into our mind that manifest in our lives to hold us back. Checkout the video and let me know what you think.
Peace &1hunidyears

Daily Toast- Imani 312171 (Focused Faith)

Peace FAM;
Here is the Vlog from Imani, sorry it is late but it has been up on YouTube all night, just waiting for some eyes to hit it. Yesterday was one of the rare days where I did not have anything to do so me and my kids once again got busy and had a pancake breakfast (Broke my Diet today's in a row, but now I'm back on). I love spending time with these little folks even though it can be challenging at times. I have to always remember that we are generational people, and my goal to help them remember why they are here.
Today I try to keep the theme of the week in mind and discuss learning to focus our faith.
 I wish you peace hope you enjoy, and feel free to commit.
Nuff said Peace & 1hunidyears