7 Ways To Use Kujichagulia To Keep Your Eyes On The Prize (Sample)

Whether you are a professional athlete, a student or someone who wants to lose weight, the goal remains the same. You want to accomplish your desired outcome. Many of us set goals but fail to keep them on target. The reason is we are easily distracted. Our primary focus needs to be on the prize and by that I mean the outcome that we desire. I have found in my experience as an athlete that having a personal coach is extremely valuable and it is also something that I do with clients from time to time. But even when you have a coach it can be easy to lose sight of your intended achievement. This occurs for several reasons, but most of all it is because you become complacent at times and can get wrapped up in other activities and responsibilities. When setting your goals, write them down and put them someplce where you will see them everyday. Write out exactly what it is that you want to achieve then break it down into smaller tasks that will help you reach your intended outcome. Make sure every time you complete a task or finish something that moves towards your desired achievement that you reward yourself with something that makes you feel good about yourself. By doing this it will help keep your eyes on your prize and insure that you stay focused on what matters! To get the rest of this power up and our list for the day join our GNJ email list!


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