Ujima Toast - The Four Pillars That Support Ujima (sample)

 Great Ujima:

If you grew up in a typical Westernized household, then chances are you don’t maintain the practices of proper breathing and drinking enough water. The culturally appropriate diet that many continue to eat is overloaded with sugar and carbohydrates instead of culturally accepted vegetables, fruits, legumes, and minimal starches. In addition, our society has embraced sitting as the go-to position for enjoying entertainment or staying productive. This goes against fundamental movement that includes getting in
touch with your body through proper stretching and strengthening exercises. As a result of not adopting these pillars, our overall health suffers. We become disorganized and are unable to address both internal disorganization as well as connect to others on a deeper level. On today's show we will hit this discussion head on by introducing our listeners to the "4 pillars of Gye-Nyame" and it's need in the procees of Ujima.

The 4 pillars of Gye-Nyame, helps us to keep in balance as we navigate through life. They feed our souls and allow us to be clear on a greater purpose of living. The 4 pillars call upon who we are to be the change that we wish to see in the world. This can only take place when one has embraced and lived these pillars.

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