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Thursday, May 11, 2017

A Day Late But A Must See- Daily Toast- Ujima 510171 "Hey Dude You Not Breathing Right"

Peace, Power, & Joy FAM:
I greet you in the name of Ujima, even though it is no longer Ujima. I feel that this video is a must see. In it I demonstrate the Complete Breath, and talk about the effects it can have on the "5" (IMESP). Family if you don't do anything but learn some of the breathing exercises that I will be sharing with you over the next few days, you will be able to take control of your health. Most people over look the power of the breath, but here at GNJ we don't. As a matter of fact we start with it. Today we hit the basics of nose breathing, and I demonstrate the complete and the cleansing breath. If you add nothing but these two breaths to your SelfMastery tool box you will be head and shoulders above most. The fact is that most people breath wrong which contributes to a lot of the ailments that are prevalent today. Diet is important, and water is more important, but breath is King. You can eat right, drink the purest of water, but if you are not breathing right you will throw your whole system out of line. I am surprised that no one is really focusing on the "Science Of Breath", but that's cool GNJ will fill the gap. Checkout the video, and get to work on breathing right. You are burning up your lungs, killing brain cells, dulling your mind, murdering your intuition, making your emotions more unstable, damaging your spirit, and destroying your physical breathing with your Mouth Open. "Dont' Be A Mouth Breather"
Nuff Said
Peace, Power, Joy & 1hunidyears

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Daily Toast- Kuumba 429171 "Coconut Oil"

Peace FAM:
Today we will be talking about coconut oil and the power it has to add to our lives. The best part for me is that it is healthy fat that can be converted to energy quickly. I will be increasing the use of it in my personal life, and will be reporting on the effects that I feel.
I woke up late today feeling much better and was able to take a cold bath and get into my Gye-Nyame Salutation as well as my Axe' breath. The best part about this process is that i am getting much more in tune with my body and as I grow I will share the information with you to help you along on your Journey.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

"That Death Eating Ambrosia"

As I sit here writing this post I am listening to Miles Davis, and to get some inspiration to write this post,  I picked up "African Openings To The Tree Of life" by Erskine Peters. When that didn't work I thumbed through my Aesop Fables, and now I am able to push through and complete this project. You are probably wondering what does all of those things that I mentioned have to do with the "Death Eater Ambrosia"? Actually everything, all of the individuals I mentioned up above left something very important and that thing is a legacy. I being a NationBuilder, and also being on and in the Journey realize the importance of legacy . It is the mark that we leave to let others know that we were here, and hat we accomplished something in the game of life. Helping others is why I created "That Ambrosia", Legacy is why I write and do my podcast. I am striving to leave a mark. I want my children to be able to look back and know that I left them and their children something, even if that something is nothing but a few books, recordings, and a recipe for a drink. It is my legacy and I will push through. My goal is also to help others establish a legacy for themselves, and this brings us back to "Death Eater Ambrosia". Not only should we want to leave a legacy we should push through life as healthy as possible so that we can enjoy some of the fruit of our labors. "Death Eater" and "That Ambrosia" is the result of years of struggling and thinking on how could I help bring value into others lives. It is said that if you want to be a millionaire figure out how to bring value into the life of millions of people. What better value can I bring into others lives than health. "Th Death Eater" is a true ambrosia, the herbs in this drink are affordable, available for everyone, and powerful. These herbs can be found in your own yard and you don't even have to look hard. These herbs even though they have been poisoned, built over,or crushed under foot, still rise. They refuse to die, in a sense they eat death and just like an immortal being they adapt, overcome, and return as if nothing ever happened. What a powerful metaphor for those on the Journey. These herbs exemplify everything that we should be, so why not use them. Why not tap into the power that these herbs come from, through the herbs themselves. Dandelion and Burdock are such powerful herbs, but they are often overlooked because they are not exotic. After reading up on these herbs I could never figure out how to introduce them to my people. Then "That Ambrosia" was born and now you have it. You can get your dose of these herbs in an affordable drink, and move toward building your legacy in health.
Dandelion also none the pesky yellow flower that destroys the aesthetic of those giant waste of land that we call yards, is incredible. It has been used for years as a home remedy, food, and drink. The
dandelion is known as one of the most versatile herbs on the planet, but yet it rarely gets any credit. this herb is said to be  helpful in your fight with acne, anemia, lack of energy, cancer, spleen, the bones, insomnia, digestion, acid reflux, kidneys, cramps, and bladder problems. It also has been used in folk medicine to break down stones in the system, cleans and builds the blood. It was used to fight colds and flu. Herbalist will also prescribe it to help with Diabetes, and lastly it is said to help in old age. These are a few of the ailments that dandelion is said to be able to help with. I encourage everyone to do there on research and list anything else that you have found out about dandelion.
Next on the list is another unlikely star, that you may find growing in a back alley, and if you find yourself in the bushes you will take some home with you, unknowingly. Burdock forms burs that stick to the material in your close, hair and fur. This is how it is able to travel and spread so quickly. the genius of this plant does not stop there. This plant is edible, and healthy, and if caught early enough the leaves can be eaten without a bitter taste. You have seen it but walked by it, or through it. If you grew up around a garden you will stop look at it to make sure that they are not greens. The root of this plant is incredible. They grow deep into the earth, bringing the nutrients from our holy mother Earth up to us. Herbalist, folk doctors, and shamen have recognized the powerful healing qualities of this plant, and have used it to clean the blood, and by cleaning the blood you become more energetic. It is said that it helps with the kidneys, bladder,cystitis, hemorrhoids, gout, and issues with the tonsils, This herbs also is said to help you loose weight, helps to clean out the digestive system by cleaning out the colon and intestine, helps clear the lungs, and for those of you living dangerously it has also been reported to help get rid of gonorrhea. The  most important story I hear about this super herb is that it helps clean the liver. Burdock is a hard act to follow
If one of your ailments appeared on the list, fret not, you can begin sipping with us. "That Death Eating Ambrosia" will be available to family and friends in the next couple of weeks. We may also provide the fermented tea as well. Now take a minute and review the power of "That Ambrosia" by reading my post about it by clicking the link. Then use your imagination and imagine the power of this elixir when mix in the green tea, the raw unpasteurized honey, and unleash the alchemical magic of fermentation, and we have a tasty power house. For those that want to try the drink feel free to hit me up. Remember that every bottle you buy helps supports the Journey. As a matter of fact I will begin sending bottles to those people who becomes Patrons through our Patreon page, or those that become due paying members of Gye-Nyame Journey. For more information about this product feel free to hit up Brother ha2tim. Now let the NationBuilding begin, we have a product that will bring value to others lives, that is created by our hands, Remember "The Hustle Builds Muscle". Nuff said

Peace & One Hunid Years
Brother ha2tim
Master NationBuilder & Urban Shaman

Monday, January 27, 2014

Give Yourself Permission Listeners

I would like to welcome all of my new listeners, thank you for joining the Journey. Together we will explore the world, better ourselves, and accomplish our goals. When I first started #giveyourselfpermission I did not expect to build up a network so quickly. I stress the word network because that is what we have become. Daily you tune in and give me the blessing of your time, the gift of your listening ear and I just open my mouth and pray that what comes out will help, and inspire who ever tunes in. This show is yours and by investing your time you create the content. I have decided to throw another hash-tag out to mark our territory, #asmilethenamile. This hash-tag is how we will be able to share our progress on the Journey with each other. I encourage each listener to begin your own program of personal mastery. I chose to meditate for at least 10 minutes which brings a smile to my face, and then I hit my mile run which takes me about 10 minutes. These small steps are my personal way of mastering myself. Now as a a member of this team I would hope that you create something similar for yourself. I stress doing something when you wake up that will make you smile like meditation, prayer, mirror exercise, sing a song, say a verse from a favorite book, write a poem, post something in your journal or something else you create. By starting our morning with a smile we generate a energy that will build in our lives and help attract what we are seeking for our life. The smile is a symbol for us that sets our mindset for the day, and gives us control.We start our day on a positive note that is self generated, and relies only on the creative power that was granted to us  by our Maker. Then we take this positive mindset out into the world spreading a energy that can balance out all the negativity that may come our way.
After we set our smile we move into our physical activity that takes the smile from a simple mental aspect of our personal development and move it into our body. Now I choose to run but you may chose some other physical workout. I recommend that you set your goal for at least 10 minutes (because it takes me around 10 minutes to run a mile). You can do yoga, jumping jacks, walk, push-ups, sit-ups, or what ever physical activity you feel. Just make sure it is something that you can do on a consistent basis. Start small and work yourself to your goal.
As you start to implement this program you will begin to see small changes in your life, and the more you do it, the more personal power you develop.  To help each of us I have have created the hash-tag #asmilethenamile that we can post at the end of our sessions detailing the accomplishments we have made each day. I will monitor this hash-tag and begin to announce each of your accomplishments along with your name so that we can begin to follow and inspire each other. Once again I want to stress the fact that this is a network, and by us helping each other we can do nothing but grow.
Here is an example post that can be used on g+, FB, or twitter:
I just walked on the treadmill for 10 minutes #asmilethenamile
I woke up and started writing in my journal #asmilethenamile
*The smile- is a symbol for mental well being that is brought on by a personal action that a member of the Journey has taken.
*The mile- is a symbol for the physical action that a person on the Journey takes that stimulates the body that last between 8-10 minutes.

Nuff said
peace & 1hunidyears

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Warrior Spirit

The warrior spirit is important for anyone who wants change their life. A warrior is "one who is experienced or involved with conflict" and anyone that is looking to change is going to experience conflict. The conflicts that will come will start internally and then work themselves out into the world. Conflict is unavoidable when one is seeking any sort of change. Conflict is necessary in our lives because it is only through conflict we grow. Reflect on your own life and look at all the conflicts you had to endure to become who you are today. I humbily suggest that we are a products of conflict, individually and collectively.
When we look at the definitiopn of a warrior we can see that it is bigger than a physical war. When we limit the warrior spirit to the battlefeilds of humanity, we limit are ability to tap into the force. We limit our access to the part of ourselves that has helped man/woman evolve beyond our fear, and self imposed  limits. It was the warrior spirit in us that mastered fire, it was the warrior spirit that created and utilized the will, and it was the warrior spirit that forced us to ask the questions and seek the answers that changed us from plain dwellers to city dwellers.
My books and podcast are about waking this spirit, this sleeping giant in your soul, and help you gain access to its boundless energy. This is the power that you need to harness to lose weight, change your career, build that business, get in shape, and anything else you want to do. Once you plug into this power and make it a habit your ability to change will be magnified and better yet the changes you put in motion will stick. So join the Journey and keep up with the Warriors because this will be a great ride.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Find A Sacred Space

Find a sacred space/
where you can unify your/
Soul, mind and body/

We all need to get away from the hustle and bustle. I have found that it has been important for me to find places of solitude or practice where I can meditate, pray, workout, and etc.. these types of things are best done in sacred spaces, because the act of you declaring them sacred for yourself helps to focus the energy that you produce. Now a major principle that I am using here is Kujichagulia (for more info checkout my book "Player's Pyramid") which gives you the power to define an area sacred for you. By declaring it sacred you open up a space where all the parts of your being can commune (more on this later). Now let's look at two types of sacred spaces:

First let's look at places of solitude. These are places where you can go alone and pull yourself together. These types of places allow you to create the space needed from the world so that you can work on you.
(Examples: personal alter at home, woods, parks, churches, temples, mosque and etc..)
The second sacred place that we can use is a place of practice. This is where we can go and meet with like minded people and do activities that keep us focused on developing ourselves and helping people focus on developing themselves. (Examples: religious service, martial arts, yoga classes, workout groups and etc.)
The idea is to declare these spaces sacred for yourself and respect them accordingly. Use them to further your trek on your personal Journey.
Nuff said
Peace & 1hunidyears

Monday, March 12, 2012

Here is one of my runs

I think you might be interested in this track:

I just thought I would share my runs through my blog. Since I am advocating health and fitness on the journey. So check it out and get moving.

The Gye-Nyame Journey's 360 Mile Quest Challenge

Sunday, March 4, 2012

MovNat - Erwan Le Corre - Barefoot Running - YouTube

Peace Here is a nice video I decided to share about barefoot running. I have been doing it (check my article on Vibram's running shoes). I have noticed definite improvements in my speed, and the health of my ankles. MovNat - Erwan Le Corre - Barefoot Running - YouTube:

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