Creating, living, & Defending The Best Life


Creating, living, & Defending The Best Life

Great Nia:

Peace Fam! Before we jump into this article I want to make sure that the readers understand how this system works, With this system the goal is to expand the way that we look at the Nguzo Saba, Each principle has to be explored through all of the other principles, that way we can create discussions, get new ideas, and develop a deeper understanding of our principles. Sometimes it appears to me that we allow these principles to lie stagnant for 358 days, and in late December pull them out of their holding pins and celebrate. Not here!!! At Gye-Nyame Journey we have discovered the power behind these principles and have figured out how to use them in building community, and that goes farther than just being able to memorize the meaning. We have constructed a 7 week cycle wherein you can sharpen your skills through looking at the principles through the other principles, and spark the creation of a new understanding that you can use in your personal and tribal life. The 7 week cycle gives you a chance to immerse yourself into the culture through the principles and develop keys that will open the door to “The Best Life” spoken about by our Ancestors.

“An extraordinary example of using the Nguzo Saba to create a new community system”

The “Best Life” is an idea that we ran into while doing what we call wisdom mining.  Where we not only look into the principles, but we take a deep look into the proverbs, folktales, myths, and legends. We came upon a particular verse in the “African Openings To The Tree Of Life” that states “The best life is achieved through engagement with systematic processes”. According to this ancient wisdom directly from our Ancestors we are given the secret to creating the life that we want. All that we have to do is to find or develop the problem systems that we can plug into and let the process work. From there we started to develop systems that were based on our culture. The first step was the recognition of our Ancestors on a daily basis, and that expanded into changing the days of the week, and that moved to titling the weeks so that we could go deeper into the study of the principes. Our search also introduced us to the power of story and proverbs and we decided that we needed to add a component of studying them on a daily basis, and now we are sharing all this with you on a daily basis.

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“The “Best Life” is a system for creating the life you want.”

We have to understand that we come from a culture that relied and respected masters and mastery. We respected mastery enough to support it and from that we were able to build, and become prosperous. Our culture was not one of poverty, and it relied on the family and tribe. We have seen the results and now we are sharing what we have found with you. The idea for this article was to look at what happens when we begin to create this new paradigm, but the outside world wants to attack it, or even worse try to take it and add it to their machine of oppression. How do we protect it? I believe that this is a great question for us to ponder in Nia. Nia requires us to pursue our purpose and once we have it we have to protect it. But we are dealing in a world where a white man with a gun feels that he is serving the USA by walking into a store and mowing down our people. How do we protect what we build? What systems do we need to put in place? 

“What would the world look like if even half of our people dedicated themselves to their purpose? How would that transform our communities?”

We have to deal with this question as GNJMedia because we have meetings in the public, we have public celebrations, and we are responsible for the safety of each individual that comes out. In order to protect our collective and personal purpose we have to be willing to train ourselves and others within and outside of our tribe to protect the group, or help as many as possible get out of the way. Like we say in the Toast if we are unhealthy we are no good to our ancestors, part of the systematic process has to be taking care of the 5th part of being and making sure that it is able to do what it needs. Can you carry a wounded person that weighs as much as yourself 50 yards to safety. Can you control a group and get them to hide and remain silent? Can you defend yourself or someone else? Could you disarm a person? We have to begin looking at these things because as the world we now know begins to disintegrate there will be individuals who will not want to let go of what was, and will feel it is their responsibility to harm you because you are living “The Best Life” because he or she believes there is not enough room for both of us to do that. In order to live “The Best Life” as people we will have to be able to defend that life from the pirates, terrorist and traitors. 

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