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Unlocking the Power of Honor: A Guiding Light for Our Tribe's Future

  Unlocking the Power of Honor: A Guiding Light for Our Tribe's Future In a world where words often lose their meaning amidst the noise, "Honor" stands tall, embodying a profound truth that resonates deeply within the soul of our community. As we navigate the complexities of modern existence, it's essential to return to the roots that define us, leveraging the timeless principles of Honor, Loyalty, and Sacrifice to forge a path forward. This exploration isn't just about understanding a concept; it's about redefining our collective destiny through the lens of integrity and truth. As a community committed to empowerment and personal growth, we dive deep into the essence of Honor—dissecting its impact on our lives and our interactions with each other. This isn't just an article; it's a manifesto for those ready to embody the true meaning of Honor in their lives, propelling our tribe towards unprecedented heights of unity and strength. The Core of Honor: H

Toast&Talk Kuumba

Today we got Toast in late, and was not able to get to many people to interact. We still of course have some good information on the stream, and most importantly we were able to Lift up our Ancestors. via

Ra rising

We caught the ritual and had a great conversation with Elder West about the ritual, and some things to watch out for in the future. via

What people need to learn

I recently did a workshop and here a diagram of some of what I discussed. When we are teaching we need to make sure that these elements are present in the environment. Checkout my diagram and leave your comments.

the Baba - Chapter 5 part II

Image via Wikipedia Click cover Chapter 5 (cont.) All my free time is spent studying with my generation (those that came in the same time as I did). We have to be able to answer all the basic questions. They start by asking us about the symbols of the club. From there we have to get into what is a nation, and eventually get to our family line. My family line  was simple. Simba was brought in by Ha2tim who is one of the founders. I am the only person Simba had brought in so far. Other family lines were fifteen people long. I had been going through the underworld for months and I had not seen Simba. Even when I am on work detail. I was sent a to work at the different establishments that the club owned. Many of these places you would never know the club had anything to do with. The longer I am in the more amazed I am at the depth of the influence of the club in this city. It is amazing what they are doing. The membership is full of people you would never expect from politician


to purchase click Image by ViaMoi via Flickr The only true sin/ is separation from God / which cannot be done/ When time is taken to study this statement, some conflict within may begin.  This thought clashes with everything that may have been programed into us. Many of us may have been convinced that we were born in sin, and that is the end of the story. When we look at the view of sin that is spoken of in the Ha2ku, we can't accept it. It is comfortable for many to be a sinner, infidel, heathen, or whatever term is used today. When we accept this views of ourselves they give us something to blame. We don't have to take immediate responsibility for what we do, because we was just following our nature, or we can hand over the blame to some outside force that has control over us like a demon or devil. I'm not hear to argue against those beliefs, if they work for you stick with it. For those who have embarked on their Journey and are exploring new ways to look at th

A Journey - short tale

Image via Wikipedia You have traveled world/ seeking the secret of life,/ have you found it yet?/ This is the question that was asked of me by my Master, as I returned from a 2 year journey. I was so embarrassed being that it seemed that I had failed myself, my Tribe, and my master. What made it worse was he had gathered the elders and leaders of our tribe to listen to what I had discovered. Maybe it might help you to understand how I ended up in this situation if I start at the beginning. My journey began years ago (when I was a Child) in front of a fire as I heard the older men and elders tell stories about our Mythic Hero ( to get story leave a comment and request it and I will send it to you) . Gye (mythic heroes name) was said to be the  founder of our tribe. The elders and high ranked members of the tribe sat up all night discussing the things he had done and how it effected our lives today. I was in love with these stories and more so with the discussions, I was able to sn

Truth about ROP

Image via Wikipedia Seperation from/ Initiation into/ Transformation now/ I was thinking about the term rites of passage and I have come to the conclusion that the title is wrong for the work that I am doing. Rites of Passage is a term that was developed from a world view that was shaped through anthropology. this is a science that strives to look at human activity from an outside perspective. when I look at something from an objective view I can never truly get out of the process what is meant. truly when we look at what people were doing in this process we have mislabeled as ROP we see that they were transmitting information that promoted the growth of the society that it came from. so we have a process that is involved with two things. first I am introducing you to the roles and responsibilities of the new position you would be taking in the society. on the deeper level I was introducing you to a new part of yourself that was unknonw to you. I label this the Self mastery pro

Gye-Nyame Tribe

Join this blog and join me on this Journey. Also join us at our ning site posted up above. Before I get into the subject that I was scheduled to discuss, I need to announce that Gye-Nyame Tribe is not something you belong to when it is convenient for you. You are either part or not. Either you are helping us build or you are not. I have been part of many organizations that have been destroyed by fringe membership it is ridiculous. There is a process of membership if you have not been through it or are not going through it now you are not in the Tribe. So please do not throw membership up in my face if you are not. The history of this tribe is something that I need to go into so that people can really understand. Gye-Nyame Tribe is the result of years of work and study of what was going on in our community. It belongs to and owes a lot to several organizations that came before it. I will take you for a brief walk in the history of our tribe so hold on. The beginning of our tribe roots r
In two days we will be out in the woods erecting our village and enjoying our weekend. It will feel good to be able to get away from the city and be surrounded by my fam. The goal now is to find away to have at least six trips a year. The idea is to use a different site each time. we are starting with deercreek, but believe me as soon as we get back we will be arranging for another trip in another State park. Ohio is beautiful, and I think that our Tribe would benefit by going out and exploring the different sites first in Ohio and then eventually begin to move out into the midwest. Why have we decided to use the Camping trips as fundraisers? 1. They are fun 2. gives the tribe a chance to come together outside the city (which is by the way the first step in ROP, Seperation) 3. Gives people outside the Tribe an opportunity to experience Gye-Nyame 4. It is not to expensive to do (our first trip we charged $25 per person for 2 days) 5. we can bring our whole family 6. It is a mini family