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A Journey - short tale

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You have traveled world/
seeking the secret of life,/
have you found it yet?/

This is the question that was asked of me by my Master, as I returned from a 2 year journey. I was so embarrassed being that it seemed that I had failed myself, my Tribe, and my master. What made it worse was he had gathered the elders and leaders of our tribe to listen to what I had discovered.

Maybe it might help you to understand how I ended up in this situation if I start at the beginning. My journey began years ago (when I was a Child) in front of a fire as I heard the older men and elders tell stories about our Mythic Hero ( to get story leave a comment and request it and I will send it to you) . Gye (mythic heroes name) was said to be the  founder of our tribe. The elders and high ranked members of the tribe sat up all night discussing the things he had done and how it effected our lives today. I was in love with these stories and more so with the discussions, I was able to sneak and hear. I knew at an early age that I wanted to join the tribe and achieve a high enough level to join the tribe and get involved with discussions and debates. Some Elders spoke about the stories as if they were real, and I was  amazed by the lessons that came out of these stories. It was said that the stories were passed down by word of mouth for millenniums. Even through slavery small groups would get together to make sure that the legend was passed down from generation to generation. In these days the  secrecy had been dropped and it was available, but these men and woman sat around and talk about the powers of this warrior Gye, and how he was able to build a nation. They discussed how the nation fell. The most interesting part for me was when I found out about the people that saved Gye, and trained him. This people were called the Nyame. The Legend goes that the people vanished soon after Gye left their city. The secrets that they taught Gye made him a warrior without equal. It was said that before Gye left (there is dis agreement about how or why he left) he shared the wherethese people kept their secrets.The where abouts was said to be hid in a single word that would lead you on a journey that would end with you finding the location of this place and in this place you would receive the abilities and knowledge of Gye and the Nyame. It was said to become a master one would have to travel to this place and see it for yourself. It was also said by some that the Nyame still existed and taught some of our present day  Masters and above.
When I was old enough I began my training to become a member of the tribe. I leventually got into some of the discussions like I dreamed. I learned all that I could and moved through the ranks as rapidly as possible. I must admit that I had become very arrogant with the knowledge that I gained. I apprenticed under a Master in the tribe and eventually it was my time to get the secret word that was left by our mythic hero. My master made sure that I knew that although I was very arrogant this simple word and the quest that accompanied it would humble me.
I should not share this word but it is important to my story. My Elders probably will flip when they hear that I passed the word on. The word that my Master whispered in my ear was "Murar", and after that my master dismissed me and told me to begin to seek out this place. I left my master's house confused because i had never heard this word before.
I went to bed and had dreams about this word and the quest that I had waited my life to begin, and I had already ran into an obstacle. I stayed at home for a week and went through my books, and all the information I had received from the tribe and this word did not pop up once. I had to humble myself and go to my Master's house, and ask him to give me a hint, but he refused to see me, but he did send me a message that maybe I needed to talk to some of the other members of the tribe. Every elder laughed at me when I asked them about the word. The only advice they gave me was "to begin my Journey" as all of them had to. I was fortunate enough to finally get one elder to give me some advice. When I asked where to start he suggested the Library. That Is what I did, and  I could not find the word anywhere. so I began looking up ancient cities and the closest I came to it was a ancient city in the Sudan. I studied up on this place, and found out many things about African culture that had been hidden, and I finally was allowed to talk with my master. I shared the new information that i had found and my master began to laugh again. I asked him directly if this was what i was looking for, and he simply said that it was as good of a spot to start as any.
I began to save up for my trip to Sudan. It took me 2 years of working two jobs to raise the money for the trip. I figured I would go through Egypt see the sites and try to travel down (or up the Nile as the ancients would say). I was determined to find the wisdom of Gye and the Nyame People. I won't bore you with my 3 month trip that ended up being a 2 year endurance test, but I will say that I saw the pyramids all over Egypt, and down the Nile in Sudan. I went to the  ancient city of Meroe. I sat at the feet of wise men all over west Africa, I traveled into the jungles of South America, I climbed the highest peaks and was able to look down on the clouds. I sweated with native Americans, and participated in the sun dance, I went hungry some nights, learned many things, seen many miracles, and did a lot of walking, crying, begging and  still never found "Murar".
Now I'm standing in front of my Elders, and my master, and now have to admit that I traveledd the world and could not find this place that all of them had found. I felt so stupid!
I answered with tears in my eyes " No sir I was not able to find it." The room busted out in laughter and I wished that I could die right there. Then something strange happened everyone one got up and hugged me with joy welcoming me home. Giving me gifts to help me restart my life. When everyone had greeted me they all took their seats and my master asked me to tell the tale of my quest. They all sat their and listened they cried with me, laughed  with me and asked me questions. When I completed my story  my master asked me if in my journey had I become better person. I responded "yes".  My Master then asked me if I had learned  about my true Self. With tears in my eyes I replied "yes". My master then told me that I succeeded and that I would be promoted to Master with in the month with all the rights and privileges. I  was shocked I had failed and lost 2 years of my life, but it seemed like my Master was rewarding me. My master noticed my confusion, and told me that if i had faith in myself that tomorrow after I had rested and got up I would realize where the hiding place of Gye and the Nyame was. I would realize it , probably when i was doing something simple like brushing my teeth.
I went to bed that night in my master  guess room. I was still confused but I fell to sleep quickly. I must admit that was the best sleep I had in two years. I woke up took my shower stepped out and began brushing my teeth thinking about where "Murar" was and just as my Master told me it was revealed to me. It was so simple that i could not help but to laugh at myself. Now I understand, I was so arrogant that I missed it. I won't reveal it but if you paid attention to the story you can find where it is.
Peace and 1hunidyears
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