Thursday, June 24, 2010

In two days we will be out in the woods erecting our village and enjoying our weekend. It will feel good to be able to get away from the city and be surrounded by my fam. The goal now is to find away to have at least six trips a year. The idea is to use a different site each time. we are starting with deercreek, but believe me as soon as we get back we will be arranging for another trip in another State park. Ohio is beautiful, and I think that our Tribe would benefit by going out and exploring the different sites first in Ohio and then eventually begin to move out into the midwest.
Why have we decided to use the Camping trips as fundraisers?
1. They are fun
2. gives the tribe a chance to come together outside the city (which is by the way the first step in ROP, Seperation)
3. Gives people outside the Tribe an opportunity to experience Gye-Nyame
4. It is not to expensive to do (our first trip we charged $25 per person for 2 days)
5. we can bring our whole family
6. It is a mini family vacation for some
7. gives opportunity for leadership and responsibilty taking with tribe
This first trip has been a challenge, but it has really brought the tribe together. I have really been able to see the leadership rise in the tribe, and it amazes me how well the camp is coming together. We will be erecting our first village what a beautiful thought.

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