Sunday, November 14, 2010

Truth about ROP

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Seperation from/
Initiation into/
Transformation now/

I was thinking about the term rites of passage and I have come to the conclusion that the title is wrong for the work that I am doing. Rites of Passage is a term that was developed from a world view that was shaped through anthropology. this is a science that strives to look at human activity from an outside perspective. when I look at something from an objective view I can never truly get out of the process what is meant. truly when we look at what people were doing in this process we have mislabeled as ROP we see that they were transmitting information that promoted the growth of the society that it came from. so we have a process that is involved with two things. first I am introducing you to the roles and responsibilities of the new position you would be taking in the society. on the deeper level I was introducing you to a new part of yourself that was unknonw to you. I label this the Self mastery process.Although most societies use the over all process to maintain the status quo, for some of the participants a new way of seeing the world was unleashed. the participants would be introduced to the myths and rituals that would plug them into a power that would trancend this reality and send them on a life time journey to change the society from what it is to the ideal developd in the legends and myths. these few individuals would in a sense become the archetype of the society and begin a quest to bring new life.(information) to the group that would force growth and expand the world view of the group/society. by intorducing the new these indivduals would end up going throught the trials of the ancient architype and through there suffering elevate the society to a new level. this is a process of Self discovery and mastery.
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