Questions, Kuumba, & Imani

 Questions, Kuumba, & Imani

Great Imani:

Kuumba week is at an end and now we must look into the foundation of the Nguzo Saba. We have hit Imani and it is a good place to end all of our discussion. The only issue is that the way that we use the Nguzo Saba in our Self Mastery process, Imani is the first step. In Fact it is Imani that fires up the principle of Kuumba. This is because imani is the fuel cell of the entire system. How do we today discuss Imani through the eyes of Kuumba, our being creative with our faith?

“Kuumba Thrives in a home that has Imani.”

Being creative requires us to do something that many people today refuse to do, be humble and ask questions. We not only have to master our Kuumba so that we don't have random creation wandering around our life causing destruction, but we have to maintain the stance of a forever student. Good students ask questions, and refuse to act like they know everything. That behavior is built into the brainwashing doctrine received and is keeping us from being able to access the full power in our Kuumba. Believe it or not it takes a lot of Imani in yourself to ask questions. First off you have to be confident enough to not worry about what others have to say about you asking questions. We have to stand on our Imani and move past those who live to be stuck. Unfortunately as we move toward the "Best Life" we find many are willing and very happy where they are and will come up with ways to hold you back, and if you make progress, they will strive to pull you back. The sooner you realize this the easier your Journey will become, and you will begin asking questions regardless of how people scream you are slowing everyone down. Information is a tool that your Kuumba uses to build and if you stay stuck with the same info you can't grow. 

“Imani is the key to healing whoever we interact with. We must take our Imani and pass it along to others.”

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So Imani aids with our Kuumba by allowing us and even requiring us to ask questions about the world, so that we can get new information to build our lives. Take some time and get uncomfortable and begin to ask questions. I don’t mean the fake questions that people use to prove their point. I'm talking about real questions that promote conversation and help you get information you need about a subject. Once you start doing this you will begin to see the world differently. In a sense the world becomes bigger so that it can accommodate your personal growth. 

“The big question that we continually ask is what information can you glean from the world that will help you build a better life.”

Many of our dreams that we have for our future are hidden behind a wall of fake knowledge that we have acquired. This does nothing but bolster our ego and limits how far we can go. When we open up our mouths to voice questions we unlock possibilities that were not there for us before. When we take time to look at the word question, we can see that it is built up on the word quest, which simply means a search or pursuit made in order to find or obtain something. This life is simply a quest that we are on, Kuumba simply helps us create what it is that we are searching for. Before we hit this step we have to first be able to exercise the power of our Imani. Through Imani we are able to build the belief, faith, and trust in ourselves that will accompany us on the Journey.

“We have the ability to change our lives and the world around us.”

This is why it is important for us to be creative with our Imani. Many of us have been initiated into faiths that are very dogmatic, and unforgiving. We may have to step back and reevaluate what works for us and what does not. We may need to begin to create anchors (more on this on the podcast) that can keep us moving, and focused on what it is that we want. We may need to find or create new communities, or a tribe that can assist us in our forward progress. It can be difficult and uncomfortable at first, but once we start asking questions we begin to make room for these new things in our life.

I will see you tomorrow, on the first day of the week of Imani....


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