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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Ujima Day 12721-5


Monday, June 19, 2017

The Why & How of "That Ambrosia"

Peace FAM:
Today let's talk about the benefits of "That Ambrosia", after having all of these discussions about about the microbiome, I felt that it was the right time to remind all of my watchers, and readers that GNJ has developed a product that can help with all of the issues that we have covered. I need to stress that as far as hydration nothing comes close to water, but then to get probiotics, herbs, vitamins, and minerals  into your body.
On this video I also talk about the fact we are now able to provide our supporters with their very own SCOBY's so that they can start the brewing process at home.
Checkout the video for those that want to skip pass the toast I suggest jump to about 30 minutes and that is about the time the discussion starts. For all those that would like to support GNJ and get "That Ambrosia" click the link.
Until the next time....

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Culture & Food- Daily Toast Kuumba 63171

I appreciate your eyes & the time you spend reading my post. It is amazing that through your dedication and inspiration I have been able to post daily. I thank you a thousand times and pray and toast that our ancestors will push you on your chosen path to success.
Yesterday we had an opportunity to discuss the connection between food and Culture. We were introduced to a field that was created to explore this relationship and with that information I believe help in further conquest of other's Culture.
We explored the difference between one feeding and one eating, and I ask the question which one are you involved with. Because one is directly linked to culture and the other is just about getting energy to work.
Our relationship with food defines us as well as our connection with our ancestors and have direct effects on our health. So take some time and and view this long video ( I promise I am trying to reduce the amount of time I spend on the video but sometimes my passion gets the better of me), so if you like a little passion with your information please Like, Subscribe, and most importantly Share. Remember to also checkout the 21 Day Nguzo Saba Challenge.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

The Power Of Tart Cherry- Nia Daily Toast 62171

Peace FAM:
Once again their is a powerful natural helper out there that we have been walking by everyday. I remember climbing and eating those tart cherries right from the branches. He would have thought that those nasty cherries that use to give me the runs would end up being something that could help my community. So let's find some tart cherry trees and have our kids climb them and bring down the fruit so that we can eat together.
Checkout the video, Like, Subscribe, and more Importantly SHARE.
I wish Power, Peace, Joy, & 1hunidyears

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Daily Toast- Imani 430171 'Black seed oil & trusting a process"

Peace FAM:
It is good to be up, and writing on this great day of Imani. Today we toast the ancestors, go through our regiment, discuss Black seed oil, and trusting a process. This is one of my better videos, so I want ruin it by extra verbiage on the blog. Check it out and get the message.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Daily Toast- Kuumba 429171 "Coconut Oil"

Peace FAM:
Today we will be talking about coconut oil and the power it has to add to our lives. The best part for me is that it is healthy fat that can be converted to energy quickly. I will be increasing the use of it in my personal life, and will be reporting on the effects that I feel.
I woke up late today feeling much better and was able to take a cold bath and get into my Gye-Nyame Salutation as well as my Axe' breath. The best part about this process is that i am getting much more in tune with my body and as I grow I will share the information with you to help you along on your Journey.

Daily Toast- Nia 428171 "African Red Palm Oil"

Peace FAM:
I must apologize for the late post. Yesterday I fell ill suddenly why I was completing my video and in the process of uploading. The pressure behind my left ear was horrible, and I took the rest of the day to rest. Now i know those that have been watching and reading are like "Brother, how can you fall sick with all of "That Ambrosia" and with you taking those supplements?" The answer is complicated, and I am still looking into it, but I have narrowed it down to some possibilities that I feel that it is important to share with those that will be taking the 21 Day Nguzo Saba challenge. On Ujamaa evening at about 5pm I indulged on a mud pie, and a strawberry pie, that was presented to the staff as a gift. I had two healthy pieces, and at the time it was good. Now for those that are doing the challenge beware of over doing your meals if you are attempting the "Warrior Diet", I figured since I had kept my diet, then the pies would not hurt me. I was wrong, the sugar intake was to much, and the sugar may have contributed to the ear issue that I was already experiencing. I also have to take in account that my body is still cleaning itself out and this can cause you to fall sick as well. Plus this Ujamaa I was hit by about 4 major issues at the same time and I ended the day finding out that I was being sued. So it could be stress, sugar, the addition of oils into my diet, ice cold showers and baths that jump start my immune system, new breath exercises, and/or daily exercises. All of these things are either helping to clean me out and causing some reactions, and those that are out there and attempting to make changes in your life, please do not give up. You will get sick, life will hit you with some BS, and even people close to you will begin to question your ideas and motives. Just take these things and continue. They are signs that you are on the right path, and that things are changing for you. There is a saying "when in hell just keep moving", and I encourage you to keep moving. keep doing your personal work, and watch your life begin to bloom. Remember that before the seed sprouts, and breaks through the ground it has to transform, and travel through the underworld, and the same goes for you.