Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Daily Toast- Ujima 322171 (Our Collective Responsibility)

Peace FAM
Once again we are blessed to sit down and toast our ancestors. I am grateful that this idea hit me. This process get's me up at unspeakable times in the morning, got me learning a new skill, constantly have to be thinking, and lastly be able to free style on a single topic for long periods of time. Hard but as the ancestors teach "The best life is achieved through sytematic process" and I have system. Actually I have thank all of you that have been tuning in and checking the articles, listening to the podcast, and viewing the videos. I am feeling good about the direction and rate of growth, and I am looking forward to the future challenges that may come. So those of you that are on GNJ get ready because when the challenge hits me it will also be looking for you. Just consider the fact that challenges are what makes us move into our greatness, no one has ever made change from a comfortable position.
Today we talk about Ujima, and I am stressing the fact that we have a collective responsibility to not only work on ourselves, but we have to build up our tribes and communities for our future generations. We have the responsibility to not only leave our children in better positions but we must leave them a different set of problems to deal with. Our people can't keep fighting the same problems and make progress. Each generations is supposed to not only solve an issue but crush and reform into a stepping stone for our progeny. We have a lot of work to do but FAM it can get done, of course with your help.
Nuff said
Peace & 1hunidyears

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