Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Be a Victor

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Victim or victor/
Live life, dont' let life live u/
All stories end same/
This is choice that at some point we all will have to make especially if we are going to walk this Journey moving toward SelfMastery. We have to learn to be Victors, or settle for being victims. One is active the other is passive.One pro acts and expands, and the other reacts and recoils. This is something that we have to sit down and decide. Although on the exterior the choice seems simple. Being a Victor means that all my excuses have been eliminated. It means that you begin to take responsibility for everything in your life and experience. This does not mean that you accept injustice, but we acknowledge it, then deal with it. We look within and find the lesson that may have been their for us. We conquer it and add it to our warrior story that we tell around the fire of life. by doing this we are able to become great, by helping others work through their pain, and maybe avoid some of the pits that you may have fell in.
Victim on the other hand have the freedom to blame others and never take the weight of life upon their shoulders. They thrust the blame, shame and guilt on others. They are never able to experience the healing of accepting their pain. Instead they deliver it to the door step of others. Reminding others about what life owes them, and how unfair life is.
As warriors Victors learn early that life just IS...it is not fair, nor is it unfair it just IS. Those who look for the best and do the best get the best. Those who sing songs of blame, shame and guilt get the melody of pain.
Decide which one you are!!!!!!! As I said all the stories end the same..... death........hahahahahahaha
Peace & 1hunidyear

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