Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Opportunities Knocks - Ha2ku by ha2tim

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Are like the wind; when they blow/
Have your sails prepared/

Are like bugs, they come toward light/
Increase inner light/

Listen I think opportunity is knocking, but you may not be able to hear it, because the TV (tellievision) is to loud, maybe the radio is drowning it out, or maybe the bullshit of life has your ears plug.Maybe your arguments in bad or stagnet relationships is drowning it out. Maybe the howl of your personal fear is to load. Maybe the chains of your job are rattling to loud loud for you to hear that sweet knock.

We are living in a time of heroes, and it is in times like these that those heroes rise and accomplish the impossible. They hear opportunity, and hunt it down. They take the needed risk, cut, and/or add what is needed in their life and get moving to making the impossible possible. Where are you on the hero scale in your life. Be honest with yourself, are you waiting for someones permission, credentials, your degree, for the right time, or the right person. These things may never come, and most likely won't, the one thing that my short life has taught me is that their will always be something else to get before you will be ready to face the world. Keep waiting and you may miss the wind of opportunity. It will blow by you while you are waiting to put up your sails. Listen, everything that you need has already been handed to you at birth. Their is nothing you are lacking. I know that some of you are reading this and going, but what about money brother ha2tim. One thing the Universe, the Ancestors, and the Creator has always demonstrated for me is that when I need money or any other resources, someway and somehow when I begin to "pray with my actions" (stole that from the honorable Ancestor Frederick Douglas), what I needed always found its way to me. We are waiting on opportunity when in fact Opportunity is waiting for us. When we start doing we increase our inner light (axe') and it attracts to us our needs, and wants. The more work we do toward our dream with love in our hearts the Brighter this light glows, and just like bugs on a hot summer night opportunities are attracted to you. Many of us sit around hiding our light under a basket, some of us because of our lack of belief in ourselves and our abilities put out our light, and try to suck up as much as we can from someone elses light ( future blog-how to stop a modern day vampire ).

In SelfMastery as well as in our tribe we understand that "the Creator gave us a mind, and it is all powerful it has the ability to create or destroy", and "what a wo/man thinks they become". These are old pieces of wisdom that have been spoken of in many Holy books, and many of us read them, but we never activate their power in our life. Many of us live our lives holding a magic coin (story coming soon; Tribe it is a silver coin by the way)that gives us all of our wishes, but we our to lazy to clean it to unleash its power. I know it sounds stupid, but when we really take time to look at our lives we are doing this. You have been blessed with a life, and given a mind that has unlimited potential, but your scared to test it. My friends we have to either start using the spiritual and mental laws or through them away, and stop complaining.

Opportunity is knocking, better yet opportunity is waiting for you. Will you let it blow past you, and leave you in the dust of a mediocre life, or will you catch it and ride it to fufillment. The choice is yours.

Brother Ha2tim
Nation Builder
Urban Shaman
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