Monday, December 13, 2010

False hustle-Ha2ku

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Hustle means to move/
To move faster and better/
Than competition/

Are you a hustler or are you being hustled? Living life so busy that you have no time. Moving from pillar to post, but in all your motion going no where. We are surrounded by so called hustlers, people who are in motion building monuments to nothingness. Not realizing  the true definition of hustler. To be a hustler  we have to not only be in motion, but we have to be moving toward a goal.  Hustlers have to be moving better and faster than our competition.

As we travel on this Journey we have take time to lay out our goals. We have to figure out who is our competition, and we have to continually move toward improving what we do. One of the major things we have to be willing to do is find ourselves a model to learn from. Being a hustler is a learned skill and is better  for us when we can follow the paths that has been blazed. We have to always be open to new information that helps us grow.

The hustler for  us today is an important archetype (follow the link to learn about archetypes, we will talk about this more on our Journey), that I don't think we pay enough attention to. We seem to focus only on the negative aspects, but the hustler concept is neutral. It depends on how we use this power. The problem is that this energy (archetype) fits into the trickster category, and is very hard to control. If we are not careful we end up running in place feeling we are doing something when in fact nothing is being accomplished. Learning to control this energy in our life makes us powerful and it enhances our journey. A true hustler has the miraculous  power to create something out of nothing, but this same power because it flows from the trickster spirit can and will deceive us into believing we are making progress when in fact we are standing still. Those that are experienced in this journey recognize this energy, spirit or archetype. Historically it has been called the tester, and has been known to sit at crossroads. When we claim to be a hustler we are calling this energy in our lives if we are not ready to guide it, this energy will guide us to destruction. If you don't believe me look around you at the so called hustlers. So are you really a hustler that control  this energy, or does this energy control you. If it controls you prepare yourself for destruction or at least a very rough time. So once again I ask are you a hustler, or are you being hustled?

Brother Ha2tim
Nation Builder
HipHop Philosopha & Shaman
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