Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Who will remember us- part II

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"Before I answer your question..." the voice boomed back  "tell me where is the ancestral worship capital of the world?"
At this point I opened my eyes to make sure i was still in the tub and to help myself get back to the Blackness I lifted my feet  out of the water to make room for my big dunk. this is when I take my head under water and hold my breath. As I dunked my head I relaxed as much as possible to get back. In the process i thought about the question that was given to me.
Once I was back in the Blackness I attempted to answer the question. "Nigeria" I responded. There was a silence and then a booming response.
Rethinking my answer I said "Brazil" once again there was silence then a booming response.
Now I was totally confused so I just threw out the first thought that came to my mind. "how about china"
Silence fell again and then another booming "NO" echoed in my mind.
"Then where is the ancestor worship capital?"
The voice came back immediately came and said "Washington DC!"
"Washington DC, how?"
"Washington DC is a city designed to feed the ancestors of America and the Western civilization. Look at the monuments and the basic design of the city."
Now i fell silent and thought about what was shared with me. washington DC was designed as a giant monument to the ideas of America and western civilization. After sitting and thinking about the info and reflecting on my tours of washington I had to agree. Every building was indeed a shrine for their ancestors. washington DC speaks loudly about the pride and ideas of the forefathers of this country. I then began to wonder what this had to do with the original question, and as if my mind was being read the answer boomed out.
"Your Ancestors can't help you in the way that other's ancestors help them because your Ancestors are starving. You have forgotten them. Where are their monuments, and holidays."
I thought about what was said, but could not answer such a simple question. Not because i did not know the answer because I was ashamed. I was ashamed that we as a people have lost our way, and have stopped taking care of our ancestors.
I will go more indepth on the importance of Monuments and Holidays to a people.
Nuff said
Peace and 1Hunidyears

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