Friday, May 20, 2011

Freakonomics » Sexual Fidelity = Brand Loyalty?

this article brings out an excellent question that all of us in relationships need to ask. HOW GOOD IS YOUR BRAND??? If your brand is not good and fresh then dont be mad when your signifiicant other goes out looking for others. hahahahahaaaa.... Protect your brand, are you in demand or sitting on the shelf. maybe you might need to hire a marketing team, or even a COACH....hahahahahaaa. hit me up I will hook you and your brand up, knock the dust off, change the look and more importantly explore the internals of your brand, help get you moving at light speed, better yet the speed of thought, or even faster than that the speed of BLACK (that is for another time and blog.

Freakonomics » Sexual Fidelity = Brand Loyalty?
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