How the Illusion of Being Observed Can Make You a Better Person: Scientific American

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This an interesting article for those o the journey. the question for me is how can I use information like this to improve my life? How could I use the fact that someone watching me even an inanimate object could force me to be at my best. This reminds me of what religion use to do for society. When everyone is convinced  that they are being watched by a higher being it motivates them to alwas do their best, and more importantly do what's right. Where has this feeling gone? Have we advance so far that we have dropped the idea that we are being watched by other worldly beings that monitor and judge our every step. Sounds intrusive, but it serves it purpose.
I often state that we need to operate as if the next seven generations depends on our action now I am switching this statement to " My Ancestors and the 7 generations to come are all watching me and depending on me to be the best person I can be."
How you choose to use this info is your choice but I hope rather than focusing on how it effects others you will more so focus on how you can use it best to effect your own life.

How the Illusion of Being Observed Can Make You a Better Person: Scientific American
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  1. Growing up it was always stressed to me that I should be on my "p's & q's" (best behavior for you younguns reading..LOL) because I didn't ever know who was watching. I still think that way. We have to make sure generation after generation people understand that they are setting examples always whether they know they are being watched or not!!


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