To thine ownself be true- Hip-Hop fable

This story was inspired by a tale by Aesop called the "astronomer".

Once their was a young MC, who had won many battles in his city. This MC was able to copy and style and master it. He constantly listened to the music of his favorite rhymers and could out flow them on their tracks. One day this young MC was invited to a studio of a top producer to demonstrate his skills on the mic. This was the day that this young MC had been waiting for. He listened to his favorite artist all night preparing his rhymes for his session.
When the artist entered the studio, he was immediately walked to the booth by this legendary producer. The beat was dropped and the MC was challenged to drop some rhymes freestyle. The Mc felt like he was up for the challenge. The beat dropped and the MC cut into like fire and his flow seemed to him to be perfect, but the producer stopped him and said the lyrics was hot but it sounded a lot like "Lil Sam" which just happen to be one this young MC's favorite artist.
The producer dropped the beat again and once again the young MC cut into the beat and this time he lost himself, but once again the producer stopped him this time saying that he sounded like "Snafu" which was another one of this young MC's favorite artist.
This went on for an hour or 2. The young MC never made it all the way through the track without being stopped and accused of ryhming like someone else.
Finally the producer got upset and kicked the young MC out of the studio and told him not to return until he found his own voice and style.

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