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Trials of Gye (foundation myth for Gye-Nyame Tribe) part 1

Trials of Gye

Long ago, before time was counted and broken down into small units designed to eat up our lives, there existed a proud people that dwelled in what we call the east. They existed in peace and harmony from the beginning. These people called themselves Black, naming themselves after the color of the earth from which they came. These people were many but divided into different tribes each one being led by their own chief. There was never a need for all of the people to come together because there was plenty of resources for them to exist in harmony. In one of the tribes, lived a young man by the name of Gye. Gye was the eldest son of a chief named Conive and was in line to rule his tribe. Gye had a younger brother name Sen who was very jealous of Gye's position. Sen happened to be chief Conive's favorite. Together they often schemed to make Gye look bad before the people and to throw him into disfavor.

Sen was in constant competition with Gye, and won most of the time. Gye was not much of a competitor and did not need outward victories to feel good. Sen felt he should be the next in line to rule his father's tribe and cried to his father constantly about the fact. Chief Conive was getting up in age and knew that very soon he would have to pass on his chieftancy. He loved Sen but he tolerated Gye. These two young men had different mothers. Whenever Gye asked about his mother, the only response that he would get was that "she left to get away from her responsibility." Sen's mother still was around and she wanted her son to become the next chief. So she constantly stayed in chief Conive's ear about her son moving into power. The major problem with Sen becoming the next chief was that tradition demanded that the first son must receive the mantle of chief upon his father's retirement.

The time was coming for chief Conive to move into co-rulership role with his heir so that he could train him in the ways of being chief. Sen's mother would not have her son looked over for Gye. So she let her son know that he needed to take action quick if he ever wanted to fulfil his destiny. Sen came up with an idea and sought council from his father. His father gave him the go ahead and the resources to get it done. He would hire 5 bandits to kill Gye on his morning walk.

As he usually did, Gye woke early in the morning to to commune with the Creator and his higher self. Gye was very dedicated to developing himself through his relationship with the Creator. In his prayer he asked to see a Phoenix and to be able to have the courage to capture a feather. For it was said that any man who could get close enough to Phoenix to pluck a feather would be forever transformed. Just having the feather of a Phoenix opens destiny's door to you and all of your visions would become reality.

Gye left his compound at his regular time, walking towards the forest, not knowing that lurking in the woods were the bandits that would take his life. As soon as Gye got out of sight of his village, they sprang upon him, beating him senseless. Right before the final blow one of the bandits raised his voice to stop all activities.

"We have beat him severely and he may not survive, but there is no use in killing him when we can sell him into slavery and make more money".

"Brother, we were paid by the chief and Sen to eliminate him!!!"

"Selling him into slavery is elimination. He will be taken far away from here never to be seen again, and we will be all the richer. We will just bring back his bloody clothes to prove he is dead and take a vow here and now that we will never discuss the truth of Gye to anyone including each other."

"Good idea. Let's do it," another bandit said.

So these five bandits made their oath over Gye's body not knowing that he was partly conscious. He had heard that his own family had betrayed him and that he would never see his village again. Three of the bandits stripped Gye and carried him toward the west to be sold. Then the other two bandits took the clothes to his brother Sen to collect their money.

When they finally made it to the market they sold Gye and left him with a slave driver who had to give Gye time to heal for the grueling march ahead. The slave driver needed to wait for more captives to come in anyway to make the trip profitable.

I will post the rest if it is requested......

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