Simba 2012

Time moves so quick it seems that it was just time for me to leave for Simba, and now it is over. This was a stellar year for the Columbus Chapter (Gye-Nyame Tribe). We had an opportunity to expose 21 young men to a camp that transforms lives, and that is exactly what happened.
Simba is unlike any other program/camp that I have ever been apart of, the focus is providing young men with a safe place to transform and see the possibilities of greatness that lie in their soul. While the camp focuses on the young people it remains a transformational experience for everyone involved, from the kitchen staff to the people that care for the camp. The power of Simba pulls people together and forces them to look inward, release pain, and begin to grow.
This year was full of spontanaity and emergence. To write about this things is one thing but to watch in action is another. This year due to my age and length of time in Simba I was able to sit back and watch the power of the Nation blossom. If you have never been part of something like this you need to find a place and a group like this.
The actitivites this year:
3 days of seperation and adjustment
Simbalympics for African Cup
Simbalympics Draft
Talent show
Pushup competition
Poetry Slam
Conflict resolution workshops
Arts and crafts
Woodshop/drum making
Drum competition
Cross Over Ceremony


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