We are making Progress

We are moving forward here at Gye-Nyame Journey. Those that have been following the Podcast have noticed that I have recently started using Google Hangouts, to give listeners an opportunity to join the live show. After the show is completed, it is downloaded to spreaker. I recently was introduced to the Uberconference app, and will begin to use it in two ways. With  uberconference I will begin doing pre-recorded podcast with my dedicated audience. Of course I will continue posting up information about the shows, and re-broadcasting most of them. Some shows I will use for the Gye-Nyame Warrior Training Course that I will be releasing soon. The other way I will use uberconference is by focusing it on you. I want to use this conferencing tool to connect with my readers and listeners. The show will be called "The Line" and it will always be open and you as a listener to the show or reader of the blog will be able to call in, and contact me, and we can do a conversation that will eventually be uploaded as a show on Spreaker.com and YouTube. So if you have a hot topic that you want to talk about, some information you want to share with the world, want to complain about current events, drop some words of wisdom or you want to receive some advice from Brother ha2tim, feel free to hit us up. I can't guarantee that I will always be available, but when time is on our side we will have the conversation that will change the world, or maybe at least shock it!  This is your show, I will simply be acting as a moderator, devil's advocate, motivator, or what ever you need to help you get out what is on your mind. To guarantee your time feel free to email me at ha2tim leave your information and I will get back to you, or if you feel lucky just hit me up on  "The Line"  @ 614-556-4535
The next step is to get my hands on a USB mixer and a quality audio mic so that I can start having live callers join me on live shows.
So stay tuned and remember to support the Journey. You can do this by registering on our site, following Gye-Nyame Journey on Facebook, Google +, and subscribing to our YouTube channels. You can also purchase our products listed in the tabs above and on our site (get yourself a GNJ Training Scroll and Coffee cup), you can also donate to our YouTube Channels, become a subscriber on on our site or just drop us a tip in the "Tip Jar".


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