Daily Toast- Kujichagulia 221171 (To much of a good thing)

This was my first session with my new phone, and it is unbelievable. I mean it is so good the camera is great, the speakers are outstanding. I have 64 gigs to use plus another 64 gigs on the sd card. So now i'm ready to go, or so you would think. My camera is to good, it picks up all the light, and makes all the videos at least from the selfie side look shadowy, so I cut off lights, and my black self disappear. I guess you can have to much of a good thing. I'm not complaining on this glorious day of Kuji (this days nickname). Kuji and myself have a real great relationship. Kuji has helped me mold myself into who I am and will help me get to where I am going. She will do the same for you.
In a prior conversation I spoke with you about setting up small steps/goals to build your faith. Now let's use the same process for Kuji. A short term goal is to push myslef into a split before the summer. A small goal that has been a life time challenge. I figure if I can get my old body  down into a split by summer, you can do something incredible, but small as well. Kujichagulia shares the day with the law of  Correspondence and the Maatic principle of Justice. The power of Kuji is the ability to define (which for our Journey is of the utmost importance), to be able to look at the world and put your stamp on it. Not just to make crazy claims, but make assesments for yourself so that you can analyze and build your view from the information present. Kuji also brings determination into the picture which is another powerful tool, especially when the pain starts. Please know that when you start to pursue your goals, defining the world for yourself and your community, you are going to experience pain, and you will need determination to pull you through.
It was Kuji that pulled our ancestors off the plantation, and forced them to run and not give up. It was Kuji that helped us build Oasises of hope in the mist of deserts of despair, and then rebuild them when our enemies destroyed them.
Today I do not believe that we are giving Kujichagulia the focus it desreves. We have fell into viewing the world from safe angles and places of comfort. Safety and comfort does not provide the enviroment that innovation, and growth require. Kuji requires you to get familiar with her as she runs you through your paces, because will hurt, and will suffer, but you will achieve your goals.
I got off on tangent, but I want you to take some time and toast this marvelous day.
Great Kujichagulia


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